Thursday, April 30, 2009

ordering etiquette

the past few days have been hard. i'm the sort of person who is pretty in-tune with my body...always have been. i found out i was pregnant 3 weeks into the pregnancy because i just felt off, and had eliminated all other possibilities. so when i say something like i don't feel well (aka like roadkill) then i can usually pinpoint what it is that is making me feel this way. (call me dr. house). so right now, my blood pressure is all crazy (for me) and i'm completely feeling it.

SO, this morning i had to drag myself out of bed, knowing that mornings are better for me right now than afternoons...basically in hopes that if i can make it feeling okay until lunch, then i can probably stay at work all day without issue. but for this to happen, i really wanted to use the remaining few dollars on my starbucks giftcard. (and yes, i know that when blood pressure is elevated that caffiene is poor choice. i'm willing to deal with that later).

not too much to ask.

so when i pull up to the drive-thru at 7:40am, i'm pleasantly surprised that there isn't a line of cars around the building. i place my order ( chip frappacino!) and pull ahead, window still rolled down inspite of the rain because this isn't going to take long.

except the person in front of me was one of those.

you know. one of those.

the barista/cashier would hand over a cup of coffee through the window. the customer would sip the drink, shake their head, ramble off what was wrong, and hand it back. a minute or two later, they'd both repeat this process. again. and again. and again.

i'm sorry, but if you are THAT particular about your coffee...if it has to be THAT specific, then just go inside. there is no way that your drive-thru cup should look like this:

for realz, people. it's just coffee.

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