Thursday, April 16, 2009


1. i have an extremely large number of horizontal striped outfits.

2. i forgot to take my prevacid this morning like i intended to.

3. hence the heartburn. sweet molly.

4. for those of you unaware, the pregnant body produces some pretty gross stuff.

5. trust me, if you don't know, you just don't want to.

6. i HAVE to put the carseat in john's car tonight. i keep forgetting to, and i know that if i keep putting it off, it'll be too late.

7. i made fried rice from scratch the other night.

8. no one died from it, so it's been deemed a success.

9. pee break.

10. i could really go for a quiche and a large coke. no!! rootbeer. yum.

1 comment:

Jasmine said...

The gross stuff we don't want to know about? Oh... we'll just read your blog and get nasty play by play. My week always starts off with reading about how your peed on yourself. Pretty amazing. Gotta say.