Sunday, April 19, 2009


my dad is this incredible man. if you meet him, i can pretty much guarentee that you will like him, if not love him. he's the kind of person that not only has told john and i this, but other younger friends of ours that if they ever need anything, be it a meal, help paying a bill, some extra cash to tide them over, that he wants to help.

he loves his family, his friends, and the buffalo bills.

and today is his 50th birthday.


my mom approached me months ago about wanting to throw him a surprise party, and that she'd need me to do a lot of the footwork since he works from home and it'd be almost impossible for her to it.

and so began planning...from guest lists, finding a venue, sending out invitations, coordinating the times of arrival, and decorating (and then realizing that i'd be just shy of 38 weeks pregnant)--well, it was a lot on my plate.


yesterday was the big day. after a baby shower that afternoon, i headed to the resturant to begin the decorating. when the manager showed me the room that we were going to be in, i immediately began to panic.

it was tiny.

when i had reserved the room a month or so prior, i thought i was getting the "big" room, so i didn't even think twice about everyone having to fit because, well, it wasn't an issue.

in this was going to be an issue. it only sat about 18 people MAX. and our guest list was easily over 30 people.

panic ensued. but there was nothing i could do about it, so i decorated the room the best i could and waited.

and waited.

and waited.

finally guests started to arrive, and the room started to fill up quickly. really quickly. it started to get hot. really, really hot. and knowing that my dad is a "sweater", i could just imagine how bad this was going to be.


then he arrived. and his face was totally in shock. and he cried a little bit.

he was so touched that family and friends drove hours to come and see him, just for his birthday. just for him.

i don't know why he was so surprised...he's incredible.

happy birthday, dad. we love you.

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