Sunday, April 12, 2009

in preparation of the 37th week...


we are in the final stretch. 3 more weeks (give or take a couple) and you will be here in all of your pooping, crying, writhing glory. and your dad and i cannot wait a second longer. we have our first pelvic exam tomorrow afternoon, and while i know that i shouldn't really have any progress at this point, i'm really hoping that the doctor will tell us that you're ready to come. because that's how i am...impatient. EDITED TO ADD: i think that i'm being taught a lesson on impatience right now. the doc's office just called and said that due to a family emergency, our doc is out of town this week and that another doc could see me TOMORROW afternoon. sigh. message received.

your dad has a special request that you come in 2 weeks so that you and zeus will have the same birthday. yes, zeus the dog. it's statements like that that make me love your dad even more, and i mean that.

speaking of your dad, and i are so lucky. he's the man who offered a meal, ride, and phone use to a guy on facebook that he really, really doesn't like (he's a depressed and annoying 19 year old boy that i used to student teach) because he's currently homeless and was without a car. he rubs my back when it's sore, brings me endless cups of skim milk, fixes us dinner, and washes the dishes. he's the most amazing man i've met, and i'm thankful everyday for him being in our life. he got the cutest look on his face when we were going through baby clothes and several outfits were firefighter-themed. so to make up for it, i'm pretty sure this is what you're wearing home from the hospital (that is, as long as you wait long enough for us to get it in):

yeah. you're going to look so awesome, i can't even wait! and worst case scenario and you get here before the onesie fears. there's a "cop festival" in the middle of may where there will be snacks and chances for kids to come and check out police cars and ask questions...and we are so going to that. snacks and cops!? yes please.

i had a stinky thought today, and now i am just going to have to ask the doctor about it tomorrow. i planned on installing your swanky new carseat that would act as your primary carseat in dad's car this week, but then i wondered if they would make us CARRY the carseat inside and use that to carry you into the car. because my friend, the swanky carseat isn't one that has a handle for that sort of purpose. and while i know it's not a big deal, i mean, come on, a carseat is a carseat and i'd rather just get wheeled out to the car carrying you in my arms than lug that other seat around. i'm not the carseat carrying type of person.

i blame the weak biceps. i have the upper body strength of a 98 year old woman. it's sad.

anyway, long story short is that we love you. and we want you to come meet us right now. we want to snuggle you and love on you and blind you with the flash of the camera.


da mom.

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