Wednesday, April 8, 2009

google analytics

if you want a serious way to sort of freak yourself out, i suggest you add google analytics to your blogger account.

because my friends, you will realize exactly how many people read your blog...and where they are from. most of the different cities i could pinpoint a person who was from there (or that general area) but then there are a few that i just can't place. you know, like the person in australia who stopped by. or the person who was on some island (i think it was makati?) that's near japan.

hi, by the way. i promise i'm not creepy.

with this feature, you can also see how people came to your blog. the obvious players, like friends you comment on (or are on their blogroll), facebook, and a people who just directly go to your site are all obvious. but then there are the "google search" people, and that's when you seriously begin to wonder about what you talk about on your blog.

for exampe, there are a lot "searches" that stemmed from baby-related issues, like getting your first pelvic, baby names, etc. all nice and sweet. and then there's this one:

celebrating being off probation.

i don't even know. but congrats! and party hard. because the man can't get you down anymore.

or this:

dr. phil getting back together ty and wendy

good luck, you crazy kids.

but seriously, google analytics is awesome, if not slightly scary.

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