Monday, April 20, 2009


so for the past weeks i've been working with my replacement for when i birth the beast child and will gone for several weeks.

and let me just say this--it has been so frustrating.

she's my boss's mom, she's in her late 60's, can't open or respond to the Outlook email system we have, can't schedule patients so she just leaves me random sticky notes with people's names and times that she told them to come in, and the list continues.

i'm trying really hard to contain my frustration, because it's hard to have to go over and over and OVER the exact same information day after day after day.


when i really start to get frustrated, when i really start to get impatient, when i just don't understand how she can't grasp this pretty basic information, it makes me think that God must feel the same way about us at times.

He shows us the way again and again and again, and we still get lost. He tells us how to live, and we falter again and again.

and yet, if He gets frustrated, we don't ever seem to know. because the love is greater than the frustration. and that's incredible.


Jasmine said...

Uhh, girl, don't let that baby come out then! You get 18 years of telling them the same things, over and over again. I am on year two! Trust me when I say, you have to learn to chose your battles.

Kim J said...

Maybe I should come down and do it, since I don't have a job right now!