Thursday, April 2, 2009

easter huntin'

so for the past week i've had this just horrible runny nose, you know the kind where you could blow your nose until you're blue in the face, but it just doesn't make a difference?

yeah. i'm sexy.

because of this, i've started to just keep a roll of toliet paper on my desk close at hand. today when i could feel a sneeze coming on, i went ahead and unrolled some paper, and stab me in the kidney if i'm lying, but a hershey's carmel kiss fell out of my toliet paper roll.

so i did what anyone would do--wiped my nose, looked around, and then ate the candy. because who would be dumb enough to lay a piece of candy around a pregnant woman and NOT expect it to be devoured.

a few minutes later, i was feeling around in one of my plethera of drawers when i came across a mini musketeer bar. this time i hesitated for much longer. after the 3 second waiting period had passed, i chomped on that, too.

i just found a peanut butter cup. the games are on!

end result of today:
i'm afraid that when i am done being pregnant that my treats will disappear forever.

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