Saturday, April 11, 2009

chores, shmores

can i just say something? while he never rings the doorbell or knocks, it's amazing the goodies you find on your doorstep left by the ups man when a huge life event occurs. so far, twice this week we've been surprised by huge boxes at our door for jonas, and everytime i get so freaking excited.

because i'm 12 and cool like that.

but seriously...we got a huge "goodie" box FULL of things from zach, carole, and his family, and then yesterday night after we got back from the good friday service (and ice cream from cold stone), we found the car seat i've been lusting after from john's parents. look how slick it is. and i think that my friend cari is getting jonas a miracle blanket. and that makes me VERY excited!


so today we tried to put together jonas' room (because before it had become a disaster zone). we had drawers from the dresser stacked everywhere because we were going to try to paint the dresser before jonas got here, but frankly, it takes two men to get the dresser out of the house/back in the room, and i didn't want to wait to have someone come over before hand. so we will paint it after the little guy gets here, and that makes me perfectly happy.

we went through (again) all of the clothes we were given, deciding which ones to go ahead and put in the dresser and which ones to keep stored in boxes. john positioned the baby monitor base in the crib so it's good to go, and i got the changing table all arranged with baskets of diapers and blankets, wipes and burp clothes.


we're having ANOTHER baby shower on saturday...which was a complete surprise to me. i went from thinking/assuming i'd either have no showers or maybe just one (because we JUST had wedding showers last summer), and now i'm getting ready for shower number three.


we're just feeling really blessed right now. it's hard to even begin to explain.

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