Sunday, April 26, 2009


our dog, the amazing zeus, is not fond of change.

months and months ago, i found this great wall-hanging at hobby lobby and put it right above the head of our bed. it took zeus weeks to get over it being there (it was so bad that he wouldn't even come into our bedroom).

the changes in the house yesterday have really just messed him up. as i type, he's cowering next to the sliding back door, huffing and puffing at the new arrangement in the living room. the clock being put on another wall, combined with the new table, added with the new paintings and ampersand sign on the other wall are about to give him a nervous breakdown.

he's currently pacing by the back door, unsure of what to do. he will barely come to john (aka his favorite person in the whole world) because john's sitting under THE scary clock and next to THE scary table.


we are creatures of habit. i know that personally, i'm the most comfortable in my home, with a small group of people who already know everything about me.

this afternoon we had a church bbq. i made it a mini-goal to get out of my comfort zone and branch out. to talk to people who i've only shared smiles with before, to move around and sit with different groups of people.

it was hard. but it was also oh-so good to do. i felt accomplished afterwards, proud that i socialized without my security blanket of people surrounding me...getting out there instead of huffing and puffing in the corner alone because i was scared.


but really, zeus needs to grow a pair. it's just a clock and ampersand.

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