Saturday, April 25, 2009

busy bee

for the past couple of days, my body has felt better than it has in weeks. WEEKS, i tell you. i mean, right now my back is killin' me, but that's just because i've been busy power-nesting. (for real. i have this huge fear right now that i'll go into labor and things wont be ready incase john's parents need to stay over-night).

so i've been busy making beds, getting tolietries ready for possible guests, and then i decided to semi re-decorate the living room. this included us buying a table, removing basically everything from the walls, re-positioning it all, taking an ottoman i had recovered and stripping it, dismantling it, and redoing it (i still need to get some brown fabric asap to finish it and possibly make some toss pillows as well)...and the list continues. tomorrow i'm pretty sure we're skipping church so john can sleep and i can scour the bathroom top to bottom.

i'm really digging the living room--it's still weird and mis-matched, but a little more homey. i don't know..i just like it.

i went grocery shopping this morning while john was sleepin', and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies, fish and chicken. our new mainstays. i made us dinner of steamed broccoli, lemon-pepper tilapia, and rice. (did you know that we eat an extraordinary amount of rice? no joke.)

anyway, i had originally starting writing to say that i think that my pain/issues these past weeks have been based on pregnancy-related stress. i was so stressed out about wanting jonas here! NOW! that i think my body started to rebel against me. a few days ago i sort of let the issue go, gaining the realization that he will just come when he's ready to come--trying to make him come earlier was literally a pain in my ass. and now the tension is gone, i'm happier, i'm actually sleeping (sort of), and life is just nicer.

i like it.

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