Wednesday, April 15, 2009


carrying jonas has become a pain in the butt. literally. i know it's just because of the increasing pressure that his sumo-wrestler-like physique is placing on my exit parts, but golly, it's getting a wee bit painful. (i'm going to laugh hysterically if this child comes out weighing like, 6.5 pounds. well, no, i'll be praising Jesus for being kind to my womanly parts, but then laughing).

plus, i look sort of weird rubbing my butt everytime i stand up or walk too far. someone is going to think i have worms or something. because that's what i correlate with an itchy butt...WORMS.


Sadie said...

Ahem. Even 6.5 pound babies wreak havoc on the lady parts. Trrruuuussstttt me. : )

wendy said...

haha oh, i don't even want to imagine. ouchies.