Wednesday, April 1, 2009

and the doctor said...

it's been a rough day thus far. last night the dog was killing me, so i put him outside. this morning, john went and brought him back inside to sleep with him and it sort of ruined any notion i had of sleeping in any before my doctor's appointment. the dog was just everywhere, and while i love him, it's really hard for me to get comfortable and he just doesn't seem to understand that. dumb puppy. john kept being sweet and tried to snuggle, but at this point i was in just no mood, and after scooting as far as i possibly could on my side without falling off, somehow between john and the puppy, i had enough. i got up and went to the other room to sleep for another hour and a half in peace, stretched out as much as i could.

i got up about 7:45am, and went to wake up john, and it just wasn't going to happen. i got upset that, gasp, he wanted to sleep after working all night, and left for the appointment.

of course i know how dumb that is, and will apologize to him when i get back home (and probably before then too, because i do feel really bad for being upset at him).

but i went in for the most recent of appointments, and in two weeks i start the final process (with all the fun pelvic exams). they found some sugar in my urine, which isn't a huge deal seeing that it was so little (and i told him that i DID eat some chopped tomatoes and onions with a raspberry vinegarette before bed, and that was probably it).

the baby still has a heart that beats strongly, and still refuses to move from his apparently comfy way of chillin' in my uterus.

but john should be thinking twice if he's going to get to miss my pelvics that are coming up--he got to miss the first one, and never again will i do that without him. yuck.

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