Tuesday, April 7, 2009

age of technology.

for those of you who are unaware, i google everything. you make think that i'm kidding, or exaggerating, but seriously, if i have any sort of wonder or thought in my head, i google it. i'm the person WHO HAS TO KNOW THE ANSWERS and i have to know right then.

basically, what i'm saying is google is my crack. and i'm just the lonely addict who clears her history bar so that no one can know my shameful need of trivial knowledge.

i blame the days of g.t. and quiz bowl. because there, freaks like me ruled the world. now, outside the protective arms of nerdiness, it's cold and frightening, and oh so alone.


i believe that the invention of the internetz (thank you, al gore!!) has a direct correlation on the number of women who think that childbirth and the labor process is coming much faster than it really is. and this makes women go to the hospital way before they're supposed to. and then your doctor gets mad.

now, i haven't gone to the hospital because i'd rather direct traffic in a string bikini at this point, but trust me, the strong powers of google have created an intense state of paranoia.

my lower back has been KILLING me lately, and when i googled that (basically looking for some ideas of how to relieve the pain medicine-free), all i could see was GO TO THE HOSPITAL. YOU'RE IN LABOR!!!!

my "issue" yesterday that i oh so politely let you all know about. well, dang if you try to google that and see if its normal or a concern to tell the doctor about because the response out there basically say GO TO THE HOSPITAL. YOU'RE IN LABOR!!!!

and i'm all like, really? i thought it was just poop.


Leslye Bourquin said...

um...wendy, as a fellow-google-addict, i believe it is semi-necessary to introduce you to:


(where you can send people your google-searches...and...well...i personally think it's great.)

for example, please click below:

Jasmine said...

those are signs of labor.

wendy said...

jasmine, those are not soothing words to the soul.

with my luck, i'll just be pooping like mad with an incredible lower back ache for the next 4 weeks. party over here, y'all!