Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the a-ha moment

so yesterday and today, i've been having some blood pressure issues. to clarify, i'm not the girl who calls her doctor right away, i'm not the girl who makes extra appointments because of this or that concern.

i'm a googler.

anyway, i had made the decision last night that if when i woke up, if my blood pressure was still high (for me) and my right leg was still swollen, that i was going to reschedule my doc appointment from thursday morning to today...just incase it's something serious.

so i went in, talked to the nurse first, and explained to her what my "chief complaints" were. when asked what my blood pressure was when i measured it, i told her that it usually landed somwhere around 130/80. which is normal, i know. but i usually have a bp of around 100/60. so she took it, and it was fine(ish)...114/84. she said that it could just be higher than usual due to several reasons, one being an extra added stress.

and that's when i had my a-ha! moment. my mind immediately raced to my current thorn in my side, the old lady at work. day in and day out i can literally feel myself getting warmer once she walks into the room. it's to the point where i loathe her.

anyway, after that, the doc checked me out. jonas's heart is nicely beating at 150 bpm, and i'm "def more than 2 cm's" and when he went to check the cervix said "WHOA! that's a BIG change from last week"...he didn't say what the effacement was, but said that the head was in an amazing position, and everything was looking amazing. i have an appointment for next wednesday, and he said that basically if everything is looking the same as it was today (meaning the baby's head position, etc) that he'd really have no issue with induction.


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