Monday, March 30, 2009

you're now entering the twilight zone


so, we just entered week 35. THIRTY-FIVE. did you realize that? you weigh basically half a pound more than you did just last week. and that's going to be happening from here on out. now, just between you and me, if you want to maybe not gain a half pound a week, or want to come early, that's okay. i'm pretty sure that you already weigh more than the average 5 and 1/4 pounds that other babies do...and frankly the idea of delivering a 9 month old isn't that appealing. and frankly, i'm tired of clothes. nothing fits OR looks cute anymore. i think i'm beginning to scare the neighbors.

nothing is sweeter than your kicks, your hiccups, and the sort of gross way your head lodges somewhere inbetween my left hip and such a way that i have to physically pop your head from there. while it IS gross feeling, how cool is it that i get to touch you like that?

i have to admit something. i waited until today to sign up for childbirth classes because honestly, i just assumed that there'd be atleast one opening for the april to early may classes.

my friend, i was wrong. i was completely denied on this one. after a little emailing back and forth with a nice lady from mercy medical, i let her know that taking the late april, full may class probably wouldn't work because you're due in 5 weeks. so your pops and i are signed up for a weekend crash-course...that he has to miss part of so he can sleep and be alert for work. so grammy is taking his spot this saturday morning.

oooh, you're having a party on sunday! your dad and i are super excited and blessed by the people in our lives, even if we haven't been to church the past two weeks. i think that atleast both grandma's are coming, possibly your aunt, and some friends. i am VERY excited, because the main idea of this shower is to cover your tush with some sort of diaper.

jonas, i can't ever say enough how excited we are about you...especially your daddy. he kisses you every day, and gives you little tickles (that i have to endure until you're able to take them full force). he makes sure that you're fed well, and can't wait to get our jogger stroller so that we can all go on long walks together (although i have a feeling he may steal you from me for some boy time). your grandpa is hoping that you'll get john's build so that he can make you the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time (his reasoning about the whole you being left-handed thing is that he is, AND left-handed pitchers make a lot more money in the pros) ;). i think that your grammy will make you her own personal doll to dress up, and that's okay with me. you'll be spending a lot of time with your great-grandma sue and jerry (and there's talks about you and jerry doing some serious four-wheeling...while kidding, i'm sure your dad is still jealous). i know that grandma nelda and grandpa ron are excited, too!

so, kiddo, face it. you're stuck with us. and we couldn't be more excited about it.


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Whitney said...

His aunt is definitely going to be there on Sunday!

(Also, let your dad know that I, as well as both my grandmothers and one of my cousins are leftys as well. So there are some left-handed genes on this side of the family as well. :-P )