Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend wrap-up

what a whirlwind of a weekend!


i was off work because 1. everyone else in the office was off or in chicago, 2. they started painting all the cabinets in the lab, and the fumes are no good for me.

so because i was off, i made it my mission to make our house perfect for the arrival of zach, carole, and sampson. i huffed, and i puffed, and i ran errands all around nwa. i think i finally went a little crazy after i decided that the tv in their room was no good, and that they needed a better one. so i, being the rational woman i am, didn't want to wait on john to get off work, so i just moved the tv's myself. BAD IDEA. because while the 32 inch tv felt very light when i first picked it up, after about 3 steps i realized i had made a very poor decision and had to waddle/shuffle/run to the guest room to lay it down before i dropped it.

john had to work late, and didn't get off until 6:30p (he's supposed to be off by 2), so once he got home, he helped me do some finishing touches while we waited for our guests. by 9 pm, they still hadn't arrived from okc, and i had to go to bed because i had worn myself out!


on saturday, carole and i went to go get pedicures (ahh) when we found out that our husbands had purchased some guns. so in retaliation (not really :)), we went shopping at old navy and target. john bought two pretty guns, and i was more than happy that he did because it's his present for being an officially certified police man.

we had a yummy dinner at applebee's, and watched eagle eye from our netflix movies. and then i passed out.


another lazy day with our friends...we went out to the range for a couple of hours so that the boys could shoot their new guns. after lunch (and andy's ice cream!!), we came home and i took a great nap. unfortunately, i'm suffering from severe acid reflux, and that makes me sort of throw up a little in my mouth while i sleep. sexy, i know.

after i crawled out of my bed, i made myself a yummy spinach salad and had some white rice with chicken...we all sort of just had a "make do" night, so z and c had sonic, while johnny and i had rice. (i'm a BIG rice fan).


had my OB appointment today, found out that i officially passed my glucose screening, that i have gained 1 pound over the past two weeks, and scheduled my next appointment for the 16th.

and now i'm at work, exhausted. johnny and our guests are still at home, probably enjoying lunch right now. they'll leave in an hour or two to head back home...i really hope that they can move back here soon!

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