Monday, March 23, 2009

thirty-four weeks

to our beautiful monster...

jonas, my man, it's getting closer and closer to that day where we get to meet you. can you believe it, it's just six more weeks (well, atleast). i can't even begin to wrap my head around the idea that you will infact be barreling into this world so soon.

i sometimes feel like i'm a bad mama because i'm perfectly content to just have you stay in the belly a bit longer. i'm afraid of the unknown, afraid of the pain, afraid of not being perfect with you. do you know how scary it is to have a baby? we don't even have any freaking bottles, bibs, or pacifers.

but i know that we will be okay. that there's still time before you come...that there's still time to get everything as perfect as possible for you before you arrive.

your daddy...well, he's getting really excited about you coming. he's been scouring the internet for the perfect onesie for you to wear when we come home from the hospital. you'll soon realize that your dad is a wee bit obsessive about researching things. but it's something that i love about him because he just wants the very best for you and me.

oh, and last night when we were laying in the new bed, he made a comment that it seemed like we had scooted my side too close to the wall, because he had a lot more space on his side. i, almost jokingly, said that it was okay with me...we would just put the bassinet/co-sleeper on his side.

jonas, your dad's eyes just lit up. he was so excited that you would be sleeping next to him. now, he may be changing his tune when you start to fuss and cry right next to him...but somehow, i think that he'd still want it no other way.

you're apparently a large child, my son. which, i mean, i can't really be surprised about, because i wasn't a tiny baby either. you have strangers asking me if i'm having twins pretty much every day. which has now caused me to have nightmares about your birth, and them finding a "bonus" baby. hardy-har-har.

we've also got it into our heads that it's very likely you'll resemble the e*trade baby. i'm thinking that secretly, we just dream about a talking baby who knows stock options.

please know this-we love you more than you will ever know. i mean, it wouldn't kill you to stop the heartburn thing, and flip the right was instead of laying transverse still...but we love you, even if the heartburn continues and you decide not to move.



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Jasmine said...

very sweet.

Especially because I know I am part of the very small list of people who get to slather on the love for Mr.Jonas.

I feel like a VIP.