Monday, March 9, 2009


i'm thankful for a husband who will help me clean up my own vomit from the sheets of the guest bedroom when i've been taking a nap and wake up vomitting due to acid reflux and am so confused because i'm still 75% asleep and don't know what to do, and when all i can say is " me" and he comes running.

that's one long run-on sentence.

i'm thankful for a church that's accepting and loving and opens my eyes daily for the necessity of love and unity in the church. thank you, vintage. also, thank you for letting me fully realize that believing that someone isn't heartless, but really has no mortal soul even though their a christian probably isn't the best of ideas.

i'm thankful for an immediate family that is full of love and support. it's reassuring to know that if we ever need financial help, a place to stay, a meal in our bellies, or a hug that we can have that almost instantly.

i'm thankful for a husband who has chosen a career where the gratitude from the public doesn't really happen often, but he still works hard and falls more in love with it every single day.

i'm thankful for a realively easy pregnancy. i've had some bumps of pure unpleasantness (refer to paragraph one for my current yucks), but besides that, everything has been great.

i'm thankful that our family is so willing to help provide us with the tools/things that we need to help raise jonas...that they provided a place for him to sleep, have his diaper changed, bedding to sleep in, be rocked to sleep, to ride safely in a car in, to stroll around in, and to hear him when he cries at night. we are completely blessed.

i'm thankful for a God that's full of second, third, and fourth chances.

i'm thankful for people who totally cut you off when you're trying to pull into the drive-thru at chick-fil-a, but then pay for your meal.

i'm thankful for blueberry coffee, because it's truly sent from heaven.

i'm thankful for full length mirrors, because there are times when i cant tell if my pants are buttoned or not without one.

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