Wednesday, March 18, 2009

six degrees

while john will completely disagree, i'd like to think that knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone basically means that you're bff's with the end person.

okay, so i KNOW that this isn't the case...but basically, i know the whole world. i mean, my dad's really close friend, jim, played ball at mississippi with archie manning. ARCHIE MANNING, people. archie manning touched my dad's friend's butt.

now that's something.

i mean, he also got to play with mean joe green, and a lot of other awesome people...but archie manning. come on.

and i'm practically bff's with octu-mom because my cousin's gf was the dispatcher on the 911 tapes that we released a couple of weeks ago. and she's tight with dr. phil...and you KNOW he's oprah's number one person.

OPRAH. THE OPRAH. oprah basically knows the world.

i once had a guinea pig named stedman in honor of oprah. he committed suicide.

i should invite all these people to a party.

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Jasmine said...

Lol! know me and my last name is the same as Tyra's- does that mean you are best friends with her too?

I hope they get you awesome baby gifts.