Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i just got done with a great baby shower at work. oh my goodness--we got so many cute (and awesome!) gifts; we're blessed to be where we are. AND my mom and grandma were able to come, so it was nice to have them here (and they both got us awesome gifts as well)! i wish that it had been a longer shower (we just had it over the lunch hour) so that nelda could have made it up--but there's almost no sense in traveling 5 hours round trip for an hour of sandwiches.

and i'm feeling MUCH more relieved to atleast have some bottles, a drying rack, a diaper genie, and a sweet new baby swing (plus TONS of other goodies). john's going to have a fun time tonight helping me unload the car :).

and seriously, what's up with this rain? i was okay with it until i had a "jurassic park" moment when the rain suddenly starting to pound horizontally AT the front windows.

that's enough to make a pregnant woman pee herself.

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