Tuesday, March 10, 2009

red envelope day

have you all heard about red envelope day? it's a day where you're supposed to send an empty red envelope to the president with a note on it saying something like "this envelope represents the life of one child who will be aborted...etc".

while i personally think that the actual concept ranks right up there with the annoying "truth" ads on tv for anti-smoking, what's really just about to get under my skin are all of the facebook groups and events i KEEP getting invited to. i think besides the action of the invitation is the fact that every group or event has been "organized" by a guy.

and that's where i just get annoyed.

and now i've been outed...i'm pro-choice, and i've made that decision after lots of thought and discussion. it's not a view that i force upon others, and i could actually care less if what you believe because it doesn't matter. everyone's entitled to an opinion.

but when a man approaches me on this very personal, very feminine issue...that's where i get touchy. no man on this current earth should be able to tell the female population what they should or shouldn't be able to do with their body or life. while i think that abortion should not be used as a method of birth control, and believe that there should be some sort of regulation on that, there is NO way a man could look at a rape victim, an incest victim, and tell them that "sorry that your life already sucks some...but that child you're now pregnant with from your rapist...yeah, you're going to have to carry it and be reminded hourly about your attack, because i really don't think you should abort it".

john and i have different views on this (like we do on almost everything political), and actually had this discussion a couple of months ago. while he is very pro-life, i asked him if i got raped and became pregnant (and we were 100% sure that the baby was NOT john's), would he want me to carry the child to full term. after some thought, he said that that would be my choice, there is no way that he could have a say on it because it was an attack that happened on my body, and it's my life that will be disabled and changed (and if you don't think that pregnancy disables the female body, well, then i think you're wrong or have never been pregnant).

anyway, sorry for that tangent. if you disagree, or agree, or whatever, and feel the need to comment, do us all a favor and do it on your own space.

and now to hunt down some blueberry coffee.

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