Monday, March 16, 2009

praise the sweet baby jesus

this morning we had another baby check-up...because it's cool and everyone's doing it.

i begged the doctor for a Rx for prevacid, and am as happy as a clam that john will be picking it up for me this afternoon. no more puking in my mouth while i sleep! sounds like a good night to me.

i then begged the doc to tell me that our baby would be born in may and not in the middle of april like the ultrasound said. he told me no worries, the baby should be cookin' until then. of course, john wants him to come earlier, and the middle of april sounds great to him.

after the appointment we strolled on over to the main building at mercy so we could figure out where exactly we are supposed to go when jonas decides to go all alien on my booty. as we were walking down the hallway in labor and delivery, 2 nurses looked at me and one said "i see a pregnant lady! are you here for the baby or here for fun?"

oh, we're there for fun, for sure.

but atleast we know where to go so when life gets a little crazier and our heads are a little preoccupied, it's one less thing to stress about.


Jasmine said...

Listen jonas! IF you want to come out now? I am cool! Ignore Mamma.... only me and your Daddy's vote count!

Jamie said...

I resent being called a goober. Also we will be in town next week and, despite you calling me a goober, still would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to see yall. I'll probably call John soon.