Wednesday, March 11, 2009

on baby names

i like to browse the names of the newest babies born in the area on most of them are typical, decent and good names...but once in a while you get a doozy.

i mean, do parents really not think about pop culture references, childhood snickering, and just lameness when naming their kids?

i present to you a baby named landon michael.

i mean, i'm guessing one of two things happened here...either they are HUGE fans of michael landon and little house on the prarie, or they have no clue what they just did.

i'm not sure which way i'm wishing for to be true.

i mean...atleast he has one up on baby X-Zavier...a casualty to parents either trying too hard to be different, or parents who just can't spell.


Whitney said...

The worst ever is La-a. Now you might think this is pronounced "Lea-uh" or some such, but oh no. The correct pronunciation? "La-dash-uh" because "The dash don't be silent." God help us all.

Jasmine said...

*ahem... I hate to point out the obvious (well actually I love it...) but you DID name your child Jonas.
I would say that is an accidental nod to the three pubescent, singing, purity ring wearing, serial Mickey Mouse Machine dating,we will never be the Beatles JONAS Brothers.

wendy said...

hahahahaha jasmine, you're killing me.

it's obviously from weezer :) plus, john wouldn't let me name him Lennon. ;)

alyra_ysabelle said...

I agree 100%. Parents should realize that the name they'd give their baby is stuck with him for the rest of his life. And if the baby name is funny or something, poor little thing! He'd be a laughingstock forever.