Monday, March 30, 2009

ode to a hairball

i'm fairly certain that our dog has a hairball.

yes, i realize that this isn't something that dogs actually get, but for the past couple of weeks, he's been gagging and hacking without vomitting. last night it was so happening pretty frequently while we were in bed, so i googled it (because, let's face it, i google everything), and besides the whole "your dog is going to die in 12 hours because his stomach is twisting on itself" claims, there was also a forum where someone asked a really similar question. basically, their dog was doing the same thing, and they had noticed that the pup had been licking itself all over for extended periods of time for the past month...when they had changed dog foods.

well, it's been the same with zeusy. we changed foods a little over a month ago, and will wake up to him licking his feet or butt or whatever (because he sort of snorts when he does it).

so i'm thinking that some new pup food is in order.

also, our dog weighs 34 pounds. which, probably isn't a lot. but seriously, he's a corgi. which means he is all of 4 inches off the ground. he's not FAT by any means, he's just a super stocky boy.

last night he was at the foot of the bed on "his" blanket (my attempt to keep him off the comforter and sheets, but he still manages to crawl up to us) and was in a semi-sleep zone. he started to roll around, and because his body is essentially one huge cylinder, he got caught up in his blanket. i just sat there, watching him. once he realized that he was stuck, he barked and shook himself free, complete with a "go to hell" look that only he can do so well.

my dog thought i had set him up. and got mad.

i can never catch a break.

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