Saturday, March 28, 2009

a mighty chest

when my grandma died a week or two ago, john and i were given a huge dresser that occupied her room at city hospital. it was a little banged up, so we decided to paint it and put it in jonas' room.

well, it's been a pretty slow venture, but yesterday i managed to atleast paint all of the drawers (plus the drawers of the furniture in our room) a cream color (berkshire white, if you really must know) and started the process of looking for knobs that may work for the "new" furniture.

while originally on the plate for today, i may have to pass up on painting the actual dresser until later this week (but still may go ahead and paint the two end-tables that are in our room) this super dark, yummy, completely delicious brown color. it's so brown that it's just right above black and i am so very excited.

basically the idea is to paint all of our bedroom furniture this cream/brown combination so that once jonas gets a little bit older, we can integrate more furniture into his room that already matches. when he's older (like, much older) then we can let him pick out what he wants (of course his bedding and things like that he can pick out), but for the next atleast 10 years, he's good to go. i mean, this furniture is already atleast 30-40 years old (i found a "VOTE NIXON/AGNEW" campaign poster in one of our dressers) so it's good quality, real wood furniture.

a mighty chest, indeed.

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ness said...

hey save that might be worth something!