Friday, March 6, 2009

grocery shopping

last night john and i had to make a run to walmart to pick up some necessities for our survival: milk, oj, turkey, and oreos.

while we were checking out, the check-out girl asked me when i was due. when i told her may 4, a very alerted look came across her face.

"oh, are you having twins??"

"nope. just one freaking huge child"

"'re really big. i mean, i've never seen anyone that big with that much time left. just imagine how huge you will be once you get to nine months!"

"yup. i'm going to be huge."

mind you, this entire time john is trying his hardest not to just bust out laughing. john's really never been privvy yet to my experiences with stranger's reactions to the size of my belly. yes, he's heard all my tales of horror...but this was his first real hands on experience. i think that he enjoyed it a little too much.

on another note, sleeping has become something that i dread. my acid reflux is out of control, but i don't want to get a prescription for pepcid or prevacid so i just suffer and throw up a little in my mouth while i sleep. sexy, i know. but last night, i have found my sweet spot in sleep.

basically, john has to be laying down first, preferably sleeping on his stomach and head turned out towards the wall. i then must stack my regular pillows near his head (to utilize the height of his head) and then grab my pregnancy pillow and put that on top of john's head as well, with the rest circling my belly for support and then between my legs to relieve the pressue there.

oh, and it helps if i'm angled on the diagnonal, as well.

whose laughing now, johnny boy?


Jasmine said...

how did you know that I have a secret longing for rubber loved lovin?

You should have said to the cashier, "when are you due? are you excited..." then act totally weird when she says she is not pregnant and retort, "are you sure?!"

Jasmine said...

and I am pretty sure I meant "rubber gloved"