Thursday, March 26, 2009

fake contractions.

so, i started experiencing braxton-hicks contractions well over a month ago. heck, it may have been closer to two months, not really sure. all i know is that i KNOW what they feel like, because from that point on i've felt them randomly, all lasting less than a minute, and each being pretty freaking uncomfortable.

the past two days, however, i've been getting them ALL of the freaking time. and they hurt. they hurt. they take my breath away and i just have to sit there and wait the minute or so until they pass. these are still obviously braxton-hicks, but they're just INTENSE and happening atleast 20 times a day.

my friends, if this is a sign of things to come, i'll just go ahead and get my check now.

my back lower back has been killing me the past week or two (it used to be just the upper back), and i'm to the point where it's unpleasant to ride in the car for more than a quick trip.

it's incredibly hard to catch my breath even when being completely stationary. and it doesn't help that i have a cold right now either :).

did you know that women who have scaling done on their teeth while pregnant are less likely to have pre-term births? i looked this up this morning because i had done some overly intense flossing last night and my gums are super sore.

i kind of hope (even though i know it wont happen) that i get my first pelvic on wednesday when we go to the doctor because i want to know if i'm dilated at all (and i know that it's HIGHLY unlikely that i am, but's kind of neat to know!).

john's convinced that the baby will come early rather than come late (i think because of the size of the belly and seeing that jonas is possibly going to be a big boy). at this point, i really don't care when he comes...i'm ready.

there, i said it. i'm tired of being pregnant. i'm now in the painful phase and freaking a, i just don't care for it.

we don't have everything we need yet, and we still have plenty of time. but, you know, if he wanted to come on out in the next couple of weeks, i could deal with that. i'm ready to have my body back, i'm ready to work out and lose not only the weight from the pregnancy but also the 40 pounds i had planned to(and started to) lose before i got pregnant. i want to look good for jonas, myself, and especially for john. i want to be able to chase after jonas wearing a bathing suit in the back yard or at a pool party and be completely comfortable.

and i know i will.

so come on, little man. let's get this train a-rollin'.

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