Monday, March 16, 2009

the end of an era

last night the family all gathered at my grandma sue's house for dinner and a sort of reunion. i met 2nd cousins for the first time, and my great uncle mark told me it looked like i had put on a few pounds since i got married. ;)

it was a great evening full of laughs, stories, and time together (which is hard when we are spread across 4 different states).

john got to talk cop with my cousins who work in california...OH!! that reminds know that 911 tape that was aired a week or two ago with the octo-mom calling about a missing child? the dispatcher is my cousin's girlfriend. he said that she's a total nut job.

towards the end of the evening, as the crowd started to thin out and people were making their ways to their respective hotels, the rest of us just sort of caught up. my grandma said that the pastor had asked her to come up with some nice things to say about grandma frances, and she and her brother mark just sort of looked at each other with blank faces...because they were coming up empty.

i know that sounds horrible, but it'd be a lie to say that grandma frances was warm and cuddly and sweet. she wasn't. she had many amazing attributes, but being nice just wasn't in her blood. maybe it was the era she came from, living through the depression and both world wars. maybe it was just always being poor...always having to work for your meal. maybe she was just a meanie.

if it was the sort of service where people would come up and share memories or stories about grandma, i think that i'd read most of the post i put up the other day. but it isn't going to be like that, so it's a moot point.

i hope that tomorrow at her funeral, though, that brother charlie is able to capture who this woman was.

she was the woman at the nursing home who asked a fellow resident if he wanted to sit and read the bible. when he said no, she just started reading it in her loudest possible voice, much to the amusement of her peers.

she was the woman who when i saw her at christmas and showed her my pregnant belly immediately asked "are you married?" before anything else.

she was the woman who should have never been told about jello, because she was able to create "mystery flavors" by mixing the leftover powders of various boxes and adding in fruit that should never be suspended in mid-air.

she was the woman who would play "the price is right" with me when i was little.

she was the woman who made me take a nap until i was 12 years old.

she was the woman, who in her late 80s and early 90s, tried to give me her jumpers. because all girls in their 20s want to share clothes with their great grandmothers.

man, i love my grandma.

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