Monday, March 2, 2009

the docta

so like i mentioned earlier, this morning we went to another OB appointment. everything's on track and is looking great, and i'm measuring at 32 weeks (which really means nothing more than i'm freaking huge). the doc did say that the baby is probably going to be pretty tall because john's tall and i'm a decent height, too. so here's hoping to a tall, skinny baby! :)

this weekend i bought 2 sets of baby pjs because OMGOSH they were so cute and so on sale and lovely. i think that baby pjs may be my favorite thing in the world.

i mean, how can you go wrong with robot and cop pjs? the answer, my friends, is that you can't.

we're heading to rhea lana's big sale tomorrow night, basically to see what they may have that's a great deal that we still need (like diaper bags, slings, baby monitors, toys, etc.)

and now to brag on john...

i'm so incredibly proud of him. this week marks a very important time in his career--basically, after this week, he's a certified police officer, which means that he can apply at any agency in the state and not have to go through academy again. it means that he's no longer on probation, which while not a real issue, is always a nice sigh of relief. he has chosen such a noble career...i couldn't be more proud than to be the wife of one of roger's finest. he works so hard, is making so many GOOD arrests (and by good, i mean felony arrests...), he works without complaint, and falls in love with his job more and more each day. we are blessed that he was able to get into the agency of his choice (and even more blessed that he was also hired by the state police, so he had options). this agency, the rogers police department, is truly where he is supposed to be, and he is thriving there. he has the ability to advance and if one area ever seems too stale, he has the opportunity to switch to a different area (be it school resource officer, narcotics, detective work, traffic, k9...)

plus he looks really cute in his uniform, and who's going to hate on that?

but seriously...i'm so proud that he's my partner in this, in life. he's so accepting of others it amazes me. i love it that when we talk about jonas (and future children) that whatever they desire to be "when they grow up" is, that he (and we) will support them and help them they best that we can to obtain it be a doctor, a lawyer, a soldier, a tattoo artist, whatever.

so here's to john. and to jonas. and to me, just for the hell of it.

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Jasmine said...

cute jammies. isaiah has the cop ones!

i am glad things are on track and going well... i am also glad that you had a great time with zac and carole.
close friends are a treasure!