Thursday, March 5, 2009

bills, bills, bills

1. the title of my post is the song that i currently have stuck in my head. oh, yes...vintage destiny's child.

2. i remember being in 8th grade and in the middle of the night (literally. it was like 2am) seeing the video for that song and falling in love with it instantly. i then told all my friends about it the next day, and everyone thought i was crazy until a month or two later when they hit prime-time and trl.

3. so basically, i discovered destiny's child. you're welcome.

4. last night john and i went to the huge rhea lana's sale to check out baby carriers, slings, bumbos, you know...that sort of stuff. a woman there told me i was getting ready to "walk my baby out".

5. while i know what she meant, in my mind all i could think of was that catchy song from like 2 years ago...walk it out.

6. and after i think about that, THEN i can't help but imagine a tiny fetus doing the "walk it out" dance motions. and then i giggle.

7. i am so incredibly hooked on "lost" it's not even funny. i dvr it AND watch it, just in case my attention may have been averted for a second too long.

8. if you are trying to purchase a baby gift for me from my target registry, make sure to look it up under my maiden name, breese. because apparently target doesn't self-update their accounts after you get married.

9. speaking of target...IT IS OPEN! and it's all of 5 literal minutes from my house. i am way too excited about it.

10. becoming this social butterfly has all but completely exhausted me. we had friends over from friday night until monday afternoon, and then tuesday night we went and hung out with a bunch of john's friends from work to celebrate them being off probation. yummy pizza and beer (well..i didn't have any beer. but pizza, yes).

11. i'm having pretty regular braxton-hicks contractions.

12. and i'm not going to lie...they do NOT feel good. at all.

13. i just watched a lady get into her truck in the parking lot.

14. her butt had eaten her shorts.

15. it's an amazingly beautiful day...i love the heat, and wish that it was in the high 80's to 90's right now, pregnancy and all.

16. the people who were in the truck with the lady with the unfortunate shorts just littered.

17. i may have to kick their butts.

18. i heard about this girl who works at the police department who has slept with 36 officers in the area...and over 20 of them were married. she gets joy from flirting with married officers. i told john that if she even tries to look his way twice, i will kill her.

19. and i'm not kidding.

20. heartburn, how you have scorned me.

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