Thursday, March 12, 2009

baby face

this week i had a semi-spur of the moment opportunity to act as a training model for new beginnings in siloam springs. new beginnings (a lot like loving choices) offers aid, information, guidance, and love for women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and aren't sure what their real options are. they often need volunteers to come in and get an ultrasound so that they can educate their staff and practice their skills so that when a woman comes in and REALLY needs the services, they can help her to their fullest capabilities.

it was a great experience from a great organization...i know that john and i will probably be donating funds to help them stay alive in the near future.

so yesterday, john and i headed up to siloam and met jasmine and isaiah there. they pulled me aside first to do the training, and after they were finished, they basically did another scan so that john and jasmine could see what was going on.

they confirmed that jonas IS jonas and not loreli...and we left with some AMAZING shots of our beautiful baby's face. from the ultrasound, it looks like he has HUGE chubby cheeks and huge heart is already melting!

one thing that did just scare me silly was that, according to their measurement tools on the ultrasound machine, jonas is measuring to be due on april 12th...and not may 4th. i'm SO going to talk to the doc about this at our monday appointment because i am just not ready for it to be only 4 weeks out...i need more time. i just, i guess, want him to reassure me that i have atleast 7 more weeks left.

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Jasmine said...

I was so happy to be there! He will be a beautiful baby.

I hope you still have time too. I'd be freaked the hell out! BUT. Even if you do end up delivering earlier- you have love and support and you'll get through it!

Also I am happy you liked dinner. I was worried.