Tuesday, March 3, 2009


right now i am being a very bad person and am doing my best to ignore this woman in our waiting room. if you remember, this is the same lady who stole soup from our office.

so here she sits, for the next couple of hours...and she wont shut up. and i'm the only one near her.

so i'm ignoring her to the best of my abilities, and i'm starting to feel sort of bad about it. but i'm also fine with it because the woman reeks of cigarettes in such a way where i'm getting light-headed. did i mention she's on oxygen?

oh, and another thing...she just lectured me on why i shouldn't have found out what sex jonas is. i'm sorry, but that's really none of her business. i mean, i don't think that people who don't find out are ruining their pregnancy/birth experience. and in the same way, i don't think that finding out jonas is jonas has ruined our experience.

i really am a nice person, but there's only so much "nice" wendy i can put on for people. and my face is pretty expressive, so if i don't plaster on a big fake smile right now, all true emotion will shine through.

and that's no bueno.

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Jasmine said...

LOL. You are such a snot. But. I love you.

How ya feelin?