Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oh, by the way...

jonas, we expect you to be gorgeous. i mean, look who you come from:

yeah, you come from GOOD looking people. so our expectations are high. i'm thinking a mini brad pitt would work. so get on that. k, thanks?

sleep deprivation


you need to not hit snooze 3 times in a row in the mornings or you will run late to work.

running late to work causes panic.

when you panic, sometimes you can't find black shoes to wear with your whole black outfit.

when you can't find shoes to wear with your black outfit and you're running late, sometimes you just grab the first pair of shoes you can find.

and sometimes those shoes end up being turquiose cowgirl boots.


Monday, March 30, 2009

you're now entering the twilight zone


so, we just entered week 35. THIRTY-FIVE. did you realize that? you weigh basically half a pound more than you did just last week. and that's going to be happening from here on out. now, just between you and me, if you want to maybe not gain a half pound a week, or want to come early, that's okay. i'm pretty sure that you already weigh more than the average 5 and 1/4 pounds that other babies do...and frankly the idea of delivering a 9 month old isn't that appealing. and frankly, i'm tired of clothes. nothing fits OR looks cute anymore. i think i'm beginning to scare the neighbors.

nothing is sweeter than your kicks, your hiccups, and the sort of gross way your head lodges somewhere inbetween my left hip and ribs...in such a way that i have to physically pop your head from there. while it IS gross feeling, how cool is it that i get to touch you like that?

i have to admit something. i waited until today to sign up for childbirth classes because honestly, i just assumed that there'd be atleast one opening for the april to early may classes.

my friend, i was wrong. i was completely denied on this one. after a little emailing back and forth with a nice lady from mercy medical, i let her know that taking the late april, full may class probably wouldn't work because you're due in 5 weeks. so your pops and i are signed up for a weekend crash-course...that he has to miss part of so he can sleep and be alert for work. so grammy is taking his spot this saturday morning.

oooh, you're having a party on sunday! your dad and i are super excited and blessed by the people in our lives, even if we haven't been to church the past two weeks. i think that atleast both grandma's are coming, possibly your aunt, and some friends. i am VERY excited, because the main idea of this shower is to cover your tush with some sort of diaper.

jonas, i can't ever say enough how excited we are about you...especially your daddy. he kisses you every day, and gives you little tickles (that i have to endure until you're able to take them full force). he makes sure that you're fed well, and can't wait to get our jogger stroller so that we can all go on long walks together (although i have a feeling he may steal you from me for some boy time). your grandpa is hoping that you'll get john's build so that he can make you the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time (his reasoning about the whole you being left-handed thing is that he is, AND left-handed pitchers make a lot more money in the pros) ;). i think that your grammy will make you her own personal doll to dress up, and that's okay with me. you'll be spending a lot of time with your great-grandma sue and jerry (and there's talks about you and jerry doing some serious four-wheeling...while kidding, i'm sure your dad is still jealous). i know that grandma nelda and grandpa ron are excited, too!

so, kiddo, face it. you're stuck with us. and we couldn't be more excited about it.


ode to a hairball

i'm fairly certain that our dog has a hairball.

yes, i realize that this isn't something that dogs actually get, but for the past couple of weeks, he's been gagging and hacking without vomitting. last night it was so happening pretty frequently while we were in bed, so i googled it (because, let's face it, i google everything), and besides the whole "your dog is going to die in 12 hours because his stomach is twisting on itself" claims, there was also a forum where someone asked a really similar question. basically, their dog was doing the same thing, and they had noticed that the pup had been licking itself all over for extended periods of time for the past month...when they had changed dog foods.

well, it's been the same with zeusy. we changed foods a little over a month ago, and will wake up to him licking his feet or butt or whatever (because he sort of snorts when he does it).

so i'm thinking that some new pup food is in order.

also, our dog weighs 34 pounds. which, probably isn't a lot. but seriously, he's a corgi. which means he is all of 4 inches off the ground. he's not FAT by any means, he's just a super stocky boy.

last night he was at the foot of the bed on "his" blanket (my attempt to keep him off the comforter and sheets, but he still manages to crawl up to us) and was in a semi-sleep zone. he started to roll around, and because his body is essentially one huge cylinder, he got caught up in his blanket. i just sat there, watching him. once he realized that he was stuck, he barked and shook himself free, complete with a "go to hell" look that only he can do so well.

my dog thought i had set him up. and got mad.

i can never catch a break.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

blessed be the lamb

when i think that i can't take anymore, i'm reminded of this...

isaiah 53

who would have believed what we heard? who saw the Lord's power in this?

he grew up like a small plant before the Lord, like a root growing in dry land. he had no special beauty or form to make us notice him; there was nothing in his appearance to make us desire him.

he was hated and rejected by people. he had much pain and suffering. people would not even look at him. he was hated, and we didn't even notice him.

but he took our suffering on him and felt our pain for us. we saw his suffering and thought God was punishing him.

but he was wounded for the wrong we did; he was crushed for the evil we did. the punishment, which made us well, was given to him, and we are healed because of his wounds.

we all have wandered away like sheep; each of us has gone his own way. but the Lord has put on him the punishment for all the evil we have done.

he was beaten down and punished, but he didn't say a word. he was like a lamb being led to be killed. he was quiet, as a sheep is quiet while its wool is being cut; he never opened his mouth.

men took him away roughly and unfairly. he died without children to continue his family. he was put to death; he was punished for the sins of my people.

he was buried with wicked men, and he died with the rich. he had done nothing wrong, and he had never lied. but it was the Lord who decided to crush him and make him suffer. the Lord made his life a penalty offering, but he will still see his descendants and live a long life. he will complete things the Lord wants him to do.

"after his soul suffers many things, he will see life and be satisfied. my good servant will make many people right with God; he will carry away their sins. for this reason i will make him a great man among people, and he will share in all things with those who are strong. he willingly gave his life and was treated like a criminal. but he carried away the sins of many people and asked forgiveness for those who sinned."

a mighty chest

when my grandma died a week or two ago, john and i were given a huge dresser that occupied her room at city hospital. it was a little banged up, so we decided to paint it and put it in jonas' room.

well, it's been a pretty slow venture, but yesterday i managed to atleast paint all of the drawers (plus the drawers of the furniture in our room) a cream color (berkshire white, if you really must know) and started the process of looking for knobs that may work for the "new" furniture.

while originally on the plate for today, i may have to pass up on painting the actual dresser until later this week (but still may go ahead and paint the two end-tables that are in our room) this super dark, yummy, completely delicious brown color. it's so brown that it's just right above black and i am so very excited.

basically the idea is to paint all of our bedroom furniture this cream/brown combination so that once jonas gets a little bit older, we can integrate more furniture into his room that already matches. when he's older (like, much older) then we can let him pick out what he wants (of course his bedding and things like that he can pick out), but for the next atleast 10 years, he's good to go. i mean, this furniture is already atleast 30-40 years old (i found a "VOTE NIXON/AGNEW" campaign poster in one of our dressers) so it's good quality, real wood furniture.

a mighty chest, indeed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

fake contractions.

so, i started experiencing braxton-hicks contractions well over a month ago. heck, it may have been closer to two months, not really sure. all i know is that i KNOW what they feel like, because from that point on i've felt them randomly, all lasting less than a minute, and each being pretty freaking uncomfortable.

the past two days, however, i've been getting them ALL of the freaking time. and they hurt. they hurt. they take my breath away and i just have to sit there and wait the minute or so until they pass. these are still obviously braxton-hicks, but they're just INTENSE and happening atleast 20 times a day.

my friends, if this is a sign of things to come, i'll just go ahead and get my check now.

my back lower back has been killing me the past week or two (it used to be just the upper back), and i'm to the point where it's unpleasant to ride in the car for more than a quick trip.

it's incredibly hard to catch my breath even when being completely stationary. and it doesn't help that i have a cold right now either :).

did you know that women who have scaling done on their teeth while pregnant are less likely to have pre-term births? i looked this up this morning because i had done some overly intense flossing last night and my gums are super sore.

i kind of hope (even though i know it wont happen) that i get my first pelvic on wednesday when we go to the doctor because i want to know if i'm dilated at all (and i know that it's HIGHLY unlikely that i am, but still...it's kind of neat to know!).

john's convinced that the baby will come early rather than come late (i think because of the size of the belly and seeing that jonas is possibly going to be a big boy). at this point, i really don't care when he comes...i'm ready.

there, i said it. i'm tired of being pregnant. i'm now in the painful phase and freaking a, i just don't care for it.

we don't have everything we need yet, and we still have plenty of time. but, you know, if he wanted to come on out in the next couple of weeks, i could deal with that. i'm ready to have my body back, i'm ready to work out and lose not only the weight from the pregnancy but also the 40 pounds i had planned to(and started to) lose before i got pregnant. i want to look good for jonas, myself, and especially for john. i want to be able to chase after jonas wearing a bathing suit in the back yard or at a pool party and be completely comfortable.

and i know i will.

so come on, little man. let's get this train a-rollin'.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

death becomes her

tonight after i got home from work, john and i decided to tackle some much needed chores.

he set to work on the ever-growing pile of dishes, and i got my tush into a pair of sweats and sneakers to go to wal-mart. we were just about out of food, so i already knew that the long list of groceries in hand would take a lot longer than normal.

so off i went, cruising aisle after aisle after aisle. you never really realize how many people stare at pregnant women until you ARE that pregnant woman, and then you feel not unlike the bearded woman from the circus who missed the carnie caravan out of town.

in other words, you feel like you stick out like a sore thumb, especially when your grunting while trying to get fat free milk from the bottom shelf in the dairy cooler.

anyway, i FINALLY got done with the food items on the list when i headed over to the tolietries. while looking at bubble bath, my body finally was feeling the ever growing weight of the baby and my tummy, and my arms and back finally realized that i was pushing a cart that was WAY too full. i tried to move the cart a few feet up so another customer could look at the items on the shelf, and the cart wouldn't go. i couldn't make it move. my body was exhausted and refused to push anymore. i huffed and puffed and even grunted like a linebacker...but no dice. i was done.

and that's when it hit me--i was going to die between the mr. bubble and a display for vagisil. and wouldn't that make for a great headline:


i finally got the cart going, however, and was able to load up the car and drive the 1.5 minutes home. i backed into the driveway, and pitifully asked that john help me carry in the groceries because it would have taken me another hour to unload the car in my physical state.

maybe having this baby early doesn't sound so bad after all.


i just got done with a great baby shower at work. oh my goodness--we got so many cute (and awesome!) gifts; we're blessed to be where we are. AND my mom and grandma were able to come, so it was nice to have them here (and they both got us awesome gifts as well)! i wish that it had been a longer shower (we just had it over the lunch hour) so that nelda could have made it up--but there's almost no sense in traveling 5 hours round trip for an hour of sandwiches.

and i'm feeling MUCH more relieved to atleast have some bottles, a drying rack, a diaper genie, and a sweet new baby swing (plus TONS of other goodies). john's going to have a fun time tonight helping me unload the car :).

and seriously, what's up with this rain? i was okay with it until i had a "jurassic park" moment when the rain suddenly starting to pound horizontally AT the front windows.

that's enough to make a pregnant woman pee herself.

Monday, March 23, 2009

thirty-four weeks

to our beautiful monster...

jonas, my man, it's getting closer and closer to that day where we get to meet you. can you believe it, it's just six more weeks (well, atleast). i can't even begin to wrap my head around the idea that you will infact be barreling into this world so soon.

i sometimes feel like i'm a bad mama because i'm perfectly content to just have you stay in the belly a bit longer. i'm afraid of the unknown, afraid of the pain, afraid of not being perfect with you. do you know how scary it is to have a baby? we don't even have any freaking bottles, bibs, or pacifers.

but i know that we will be okay. that there's still time before you come...that there's still time to get everything as perfect as possible for you before you arrive.

your daddy...well, he's getting really excited about you coming. he's been scouring the internet for the perfect onesie for you to wear when we come home from the hospital. you'll soon realize that your dad is a wee bit obsessive about researching things. but it's something that i love about him because he just wants the very best for you and me.

oh, and last night when we were laying in the new bed, he made a comment that it seemed like we had scooted my side too close to the wall, because he had a lot more space on his side. i, almost jokingly, said that it was okay with me...we would just put the bassinet/co-sleeper on his side.

jonas, your dad's eyes just lit up. he was so excited that you would be sleeping next to him. now, he may be changing his tune when you start to fuss and cry right next to him...but somehow, i think that he'd still want it no other way.

you're apparently a large child, my son. which, i mean, i can't really be surprised about, because i wasn't a tiny baby either. you have strangers asking me if i'm having twins pretty much every day. which has now caused me to have nightmares about your birth, and them finding a "bonus" baby. hardy-har-har.

we've also got it into our heads that it's very likely you'll resemble the e*trade baby. i'm thinking that secretly, we just dream about a talking baby who knows stock options.

please know this-we love you more than you will ever know. i mean, it wouldn't kill you to stop the heartburn thing, and flip the right was instead of laying transverse still...but we love you, even if the heartburn continues and you decide not to move.



Sunday, March 22, 2009


so this morning, we had already decided that we would be missing church. john had shift change this weekend, going from working 6am to 2pm to now working 10pm to 6am. and i had a lot of just, i don't know, chores? so this morning turned out to be completely different from what we expected when we were sitting there, minding our own business when our bed broke.

i mean, it broke. it looked like we were riding in one of those suped up cars with the hydrolics. we know that the bed is completely repairable, but we had already discussed getting a new bed that suited our style and was a little more practical than our beautiful (and extravagant) looking bed.

so we found ourselves getting out into the world and looking for a new bed...and we found one that we really loved (and it was on sale!!). so we got it because it fit into our budget, and john put it together for us after we got home from ty and kanya's baby shower.

oooh, but while we were cleaning under the old bed, we found the power cable for our laptop!! so it's alive again, and we couldn't be happier. we sort of joked about it earlier how we weren't sure if we were more excited about the new bed or finding the charger.

i think that the charger won.

i'll be 34 weeks along tomorrow...be ready for a fun little post on those joys. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

ain't no sunshine when she's gone

i have so much to do. so much.

for jonas:

paint dresser and rocking chair
get red footstool from walmart
put all clothes up
go to child birthin' classes
order lamp from walmart
freak out about not having what we "need" to have a child
pray that we really get 2 baby monitors as gifts so we can take one back and get stuff


shave butt hair (seriously...it's long.)


cut his hair

i'm feeling a bit jessie spano-ish when she becomes a "drug addict"...there's no time, there's never enough time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

six degrees

while john will completely disagree, i'd like to think that knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone basically means that you're bff's with the end person.

okay, so i KNOW that this isn't the case...but basically, i know the whole world. i mean, my dad's really close friend, jim, played ball at mississippi with archie manning. ARCHIE MANNING, people. archie manning touched my dad's friend's butt.

now that's something.

i mean, he also got to play with mean joe green, and a lot of other awesome people...but archie manning. come on.

and i'm practically bff's with octu-mom because my cousin's gf was the dispatcher on the 911 tapes that we released a couple of weeks ago. and she's tight with dr. phil...and you KNOW he's oprah's number one person.

OPRAH. THE OPRAH. oprah basically knows the world.

i once had a guinea pig named stedman in honor of oprah. he committed suicide.

i should invite all these people to a party.

back to life as i know it

this has been a whirlwind of a week so far. i'm glad that the craziness is over, and it's time to get back to the land of routine.

i'm now taking prevacid, and let me just tell you...this drug is sent from heaven. i can now actually LAY down to go to sleep instead of having to prop up and get no lower than a 45 degree angle. i can sleep and it's amazing and i can cuddle with my husband at night, something that's been impossible to do for the past several months.

the weather is AMAZING, and i'm just so glad that it feels like we're out of the eternal winter. while i know that we will probably have another good freeze, the promise of 80 degrees and sun and happiness makes the world all better.

this weekend i have 2 baby showers for fellow may moms--i'm excited to see them and their bellies (and eat cake and drink punch...but, that was a given). their gifts are purchased and ready to go!

Monday, March 16, 2009

praise the sweet baby jesus

this morning we had another baby check-up...because it's cool and everyone's doing it.

i begged the doctor for a Rx for prevacid, and am as happy as a clam that john will be picking it up for me this afternoon. no more puking in my mouth while i sleep! sounds like a good night to me.

i then begged the doc to tell me that our baby would be born in may and not in the middle of april like the ultrasound said. he told me no worries, the baby should be cookin' until then. of course, john wants him to come earlier, and the middle of april sounds great to him.

after the appointment we strolled on over to the main building at mercy so we could figure out where exactly we are supposed to go when jonas decides to go all alien on my booty. as we were walking down the hallway in labor and delivery, 2 nurses looked at me and one said "i see a pregnant lady! are you here for the baby or here for fun?"

oh, we're there for fun, for sure.

but atleast we know where to go so when life gets a little crazier and our heads are a little preoccupied, it's one less thing to stress about.

the end of an era

last night the family all gathered at my grandma sue's house for dinner and a sort of reunion. i met 2nd cousins for the first time, and my great uncle mark told me it looked like i had put on a few pounds since i got married. ;)

it was a great evening full of laughs, stories, and time together (which is hard when we are spread across 4 different states).

john got to talk cop with my cousins who work in california...OH!! that reminds me..you know that 911 tape that was aired a week or two ago with the octo-mom calling about a missing child? the dispatcher is my cousin's girlfriend. he said that she's a total nut job.

towards the end of the evening, as the crowd started to thin out and people were making their ways to their respective hotels, the rest of us just sort of caught up. my grandma said that the pastor had asked her to come up with some nice things to say about grandma frances, and she and her brother mark just sort of looked at each other with blank faces...because they were coming up empty.

i know that sounds horrible, but it'd be a lie to say that grandma frances was warm and cuddly and sweet. she wasn't. she had many amazing attributes, but being nice just wasn't in her blood. maybe it was the era she came from, living through the depression and both world wars. maybe it was just always being poor...always having to work for your meal. maybe she was just a meanie.

if it was the sort of service where people would come up and share memories or stories about grandma, i think that i'd read most of the post i put up the other day. but it isn't going to be like that, so it's a moot point.

i hope that tomorrow at her funeral, though, that brother charlie is able to capture who this woman was.

she was the woman at the nursing home who asked a fellow resident if he wanted to sit and read the bible. when he said no, she just started reading it in her loudest possible voice, much to the amusement of her peers.

she was the woman who when i saw her at christmas and showed her my pregnant belly immediately asked "are you married?" before anything else.

she was the woman who should have never been told about jello, because she was able to create "mystery flavors" by mixing the leftover powders of various boxes and adding in fruit that should never be suspended in mid-air.

she was the woman who would play "the price is right" with me when i was little.

she was the woman who made me take a nap until i was 12 years old.

she was the woman, who in her late 80s and early 90s, tried to give me her jumpers. because all girls in their 20s want to share clothes with their great grandmothers.

man, i love my grandma.

Friday, March 13, 2009


my great grandmother frances couldn't ever be described as the kind, loving, grandmother figure.

she's the harsh, mean, stubborn old woman that attacks people with her "pick-up" stick when she thinks they're getting ready to steal her stuff.

she's ninety-four years old...exactly 70 years older than me. she watched me from the time i was an infant until i was old enough for pre-school, and helped me earn the fattest toddler on the earth award because of her southern cooking (and seven course breakfasts).

she's born and raised in fayetteville, born on bear mountain in october of 1914.

her husband, my great grandpa james, passed close to 14 years ago. he was one of my favorite people on this earth and not a day goes by where i don't think of him and miss him terribly. he was that kind, gentle grandpa who wore white undershirts and smelled like aftershave.

they were complete opposites, but somehow that was a good balance for them; it worked.

yesterday when i was just about to dig into the spaghetti that john had made for dinner, my mom called. she said that on wednesday the caretakers at city hospital (where grandma frances was living) thought she had shingles. on thursday the doctor came and said that it wasn't shingles...it was a very severe and aggressive staph infection. he called my grandma sue (frances' daughter) and told her the options: either they treat her and hope for the best, or they call in hospice and sedate her and wait out the 3-5 days tops that she had left to live.

i didn't cry when my mom told me this. i've known something like this was coming soon, and i think that all of us had prayed for a while that she'd be called Home because her life was miserable.

the part that made me cry, however, was when my mom told me that under no circumstance was i allowed to go visit her before she passed--everyone else could and be safe enough, but because i am pregnant, the risk of staph is too great.

i began to sob.

john pried me from the chair and took me to the loveseat and just held me while i cried, telling me the words i needed to hear.

i was sad i couldn't see her, sad she would never get to meet jonas, sad that she may die alone.

i had started a post basically saying that the waiting game was on...but this morning at 8:30am, she died.

she raised 5 children from that span from being in their mid 70s to mid 50s, survived the depression, and worked outside of the home in an era where it was almost unheard of. she was a crazy driver, and a mediocre cook (she would have been fantastic if she didn't just mix random things together :)). she went to fayetteville high school, and to this day could have sang you the alma mater. she loved to talk about when she kept me when i was little, and about our trips to Marvin's IGA off of school and 15th in fayetteville.

she wasn't kind, loving, gentle, or nice. she was hard, stubborn, and bull-headed.

and she was one of my favorite people on this earth.

and now we wait.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

baby face

this week i had a semi-spur of the moment opportunity to act as a training model for new beginnings in siloam springs. new beginnings (a lot like loving choices) offers aid, information, guidance, and love for women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and aren't sure what their real options are. they often need volunteers to come in and get an ultrasound so that they can educate their staff and practice their skills so that when a woman comes in and REALLY needs the services, they can help her to their fullest capabilities.

it was a great experience from a great organization...i know that john and i will probably be donating funds to help them stay alive in the near future.

so yesterday, john and i headed up to siloam and met jasmine and isaiah there. they pulled me aside first to do the training, and after they were finished, they basically did another scan so that john and jasmine could see what was going on.

they confirmed that jonas IS jonas and not loreli...and we left with some AMAZING shots of our beautiful baby's face. from the ultrasound, it looks like he has HUGE chubby cheeks and huge eyes...my heart is already melting!

one thing that did just scare me silly was that, according to their measurement tools on the ultrasound machine, jonas is measuring to be due on april 12th...and not may 4th. i'm SO going to talk to the doc about this at our monday appointment because i am just not ready for it to be only 4 weeks out...i need more time. i just, i guess, want him to reassure me that i have atleast 7 more weeks left.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

on baby names

i like to browse the names of the newest babies born in the area on www.nwaonline.com. most of them are typical, decent and good names...but once in a while you get a doozy.

i mean, do parents really not think about pop culture references, childhood snickering, and just lameness when naming their kids?

i present to you a baby named landon michael.

i mean, i'm guessing one of two things happened here...either they are HUGE fans of michael landon and little house on the prarie, or they have no clue what they just did.

i'm not sure which way i'm wishing for to be true.

i mean...atleast he has one up on baby X-Zavier...a casualty to parents either trying too hard to be different, or parents who just can't spell.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

red envelope day

have you all heard about red envelope day? it's a day where you're supposed to send an empty red envelope to the president with a note on it saying something like "this envelope represents the life of one child who will be aborted...etc".

while i personally think that the actual concept ranks right up there with the annoying "truth" ads on tv for anti-smoking, what's really just about to get under my skin are all of the facebook groups and events i KEEP getting invited to. i think besides the action of the invitation is the fact that every group or event has been "organized" by a guy.

and that's where i just get annoyed.

and now i've been outed...i'm pro-choice, and i've made that decision after lots of thought and discussion. it's not a view that i force upon others, and i could actually care less if what you believe because it doesn't matter. everyone's entitled to an opinion.

but when a man approaches me on this very personal, very feminine issue...that's where i get touchy. no man on this current earth should be able to tell the female population what they should or shouldn't be able to do with their body or life. while i think that abortion should not be used as a method of birth control, and believe that there should be some sort of regulation on that, there is NO way a man could look at a rape victim, an incest victim, and tell them that "sorry that your life already sucks some...but that child you're now pregnant with from your rapist...yeah, you're going to have to carry it and be reminded hourly about your attack, because i really don't think you should abort it".

john and i have different views on this (like we do on almost everything political), and actually had this discussion a couple of months ago. while he is very pro-life, i asked him if i got raped and became pregnant (and we were 100% sure that the baby was NOT john's), would he want me to carry the child to full term. after some thought, he said that that would be my choice, there is no way that he could have a say on it because it was an attack that happened on my body, and it's my life that will be disabled and changed (and if you don't think that pregnancy disables the female body, well, then i think you're wrong or have never been pregnant).

anyway, sorry for that tangent. if you disagree, or agree, or whatever, and feel the need to comment, do us all a favor and do it on your own space.

and now to hunt down some blueberry coffee.

Monday, March 9, 2009


while this may seem tacky, well...i don't care.

if by chance you were planning on getting a gift for the arrival of jonas, we are registered at target. the only kicker is to either put in john's name OR my maiden name, breese.

i say this because i know there are some of you who would like to get a gift, but it's hard when you type in my legal name and nothing pops up :). soooo...here's to that!


i'm thankful for a husband who will help me clean up my own vomit from the sheets of the guest bedroom when i've been taking a nap and wake up vomitting due to acid reflux and am so confused because i'm still 75% asleep and don't know what to do, and when all i can say is "joooohn...help me" and he comes running.

that's one long run-on sentence.

i'm thankful for a church that's accepting and loving and opens my eyes daily for the necessity of love and unity in the church. thank you, vintage. also, thank you for letting me fully realize that believing that someone isn't heartless, but really has no mortal soul even though their a christian probably isn't the best of ideas.

i'm thankful for an immediate family that is full of love and support. it's reassuring to know that if we ever need financial help, a place to stay, a meal in our bellies, or a hug that we can have that almost instantly.

i'm thankful for a husband who has chosen a career where the gratitude from the public doesn't really happen often, but he still works hard and falls more in love with it every single day.

i'm thankful for a realively easy pregnancy. i've had some bumps of pure unpleasantness (refer to paragraph one for my current yucks), but besides that, everything has been great.

i'm thankful that our family is so willing to help provide us with the tools/things that we need to help raise jonas...that they provided a place for him to sleep, have his diaper changed, bedding to sleep in, be rocked to sleep, to ride safely in a car in, to stroll around in, and to hear him when he cries at night. we are completely blessed.

i'm thankful for a God that's full of second, third, and fourth chances.

i'm thankful for people who totally cut you off when you're trying to pull into the drive-thru at chick-fil-a, but then pay for your meal.

i'm thankful for blueberry coffee, because it's truly sent from heaven.

i'm thankful for full length mirrors, because there are times when i cant tell if my pants are buttoned or not without one.

Friday, March 6, 2009

grocery shopping

last night john and i had to make a run to walmart to pick up some necessities for our survival: milk, oj, turkey, and oreos.

while we were checking out, the check-out girl asked me when i was due. when i told her may 4, a very alerted look came across her face.

"oh, are you having twins??"

"nope. just one freaking huge child"

"yeah...you're really big. i mean, i've never seen anyone that big with that much time left. just imagine how huge you will be once you get to nine months!"

"yup. i'm going to be huge."

mind you, this entire time john is trying his hardest not to just bust out laughing. john's really never been privvy yet to my experiences with stranger's reactions to the size of my belly. yes, he's heard all my tales of horror...but this was his first real hands on experience. i think that he enjoyed it a little too much.

on another note, sleeping has become something that i dread. my acid reflux is out of control, but i don't want to get a prescription for pepcid or prevacid so i just suffer and throw up a little in my mouth while i sleep. sexy, i know. but last night, i have found my sweet spot in sleep.

basically, john has to be laying down first, preferably sleeping on his stomach and head turned out towards the wall. i then must stack my regular pillows near his head (to utilize the height of his head) and then grab my pregnancy pillow and put that on top of john's head as well, with the rest circling my belly for support and then between my legs to relieve the pressue there.

oh, and it helps if i'm angled on the diagnonal, as well.

whose laughing now, johnny boy?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

bills, bills, bills

1. the title of my post is the song that i currently have stuck in my head. oh, yes...vintage destiny's child.

2. i remember being in 8th grade and in the middle of the night (literally. it was like 2am) seeing the video for that song and falling in love with it instantly. i then told all my friends about it the next day, and everyone thought i was crazy until a month or two later when they hit prime-time and trl.

3. so basically, i discovered destiny's child. you're welcome.

4. last night john and i went to the huge rhea lana's sale to check out baby carriers, slings, bumbos, you know...that sort of stuff. a woman there told me i was getting ready to "walk my baby out".

5. while i know what she meant, in my mind all i could think of was that catchy song from like 2 years ago...walk it out.

6. and after i think about that, THEN i can't help but imagine a tiny fetus doing the "walk it out" dance motions. and then i giggle.

7. i am so incredibly hooked on "lost" it's not even funny. i dvr it AND watch it, just in case my attention may have been averted for a second too long.

8. if you are trying to purchase a baby gift for me from my target registry, make sure to look it up under my maiden name, breese. because apparently target doesn't self-update their accounts after you get married.

9. speaking of target...IT IS OPEN! and it's all of 5 literal minutes from my house. i am way too excited about it.

10. becoming this social butterfly has all but completely exhausted me. we had friends over from friday night until monday afternoon, and then tuesday night we went and hung out with a bunch of john's friends from work to celebrate them being off probation. yummy pizza and beer (well..i didn't have any beer. but pizza, yes).

11. i'm having pretty regular braxton-hicks contractions.

12. and i'm not going to lie...they do NOT feel good. at all.

13. i just watched a lady get into her truck in the parking lot.

14. her butt had eaten her shorts.

15. it's an amazingly beautiful day...i love the heat, and wish that it was in the high 80's to 90's right now, pregnancy and all.

16. the people who were in the truck with the lady with the unfortunate shorts just littered.

17. i may have to kick their butts.

18. i heard about this girl who works at the police department who has slept with 36 officers in the area...and over 20 of them were married. she gets joy from flirting with married officers. i told john that if she even tries to look his way twice, i will kill her.

19. and i'm not kidding.

20. heartburn, how you have scorned me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


right now i am being a very bad person and am doing my best to ignore this woman in our waiting room. if you remember, this is the same lady who stole soup from our office.

so here she sits, for the next couple of hours...and she wont shut up. and i'm the only one near her.

so i'm ignoring her to the best of my abilities, and i'm starting to feel sort of bad about it. but i'm also fine with it because the woman reeks of cigarettes in such a way where i'm getting light-headed. did i mention she's on oxygen?

oh, and another thing...she just lectured me on why i shouldn't have found out what sex jonas is. i'm sorry, but that's really none of her business. i mean, i don't think that people who don't find out are ruining their pregnancy/birth experience. and in the same way, i don't think that finding out jonas is jonas has ruined our experience.

i really am a nice person, but there's only so much "nice" wendy i can put on for people. and my face is pretty expressive, so if i don't plaster on a big fake smile right now, all true emotion will shine through.

and that's no bueno.

Monday, March 2, 2009

the docta

so like i mentioned earlier, this morning we went to another OB appointment. everything's on track and is looking great, and i'm measuring at 32 weeks (which really means nothing more than i'm freaking huge). the doc did say that the baby is probably going to be pretty tall because john's tall and i'm a decent height, too. so here's hoping to a tall, skinny baby! :)

this weekend i bought 2 sets of baby pjs because OMGOSH they were so cute and so on sale and lovely. i think that baby pjs may be my favorite thing in the world.

i mean, how can you go wrong with robot and cop pjs? the answer, my friends, is that you can't.

we're heading to rhea lana's big sale tomorrow night, basically to see what they may have that's a great deal that we still need (like diaper bags, slings, baby monitors, toys, etc.)

and now to brag on john...

i'm so incredibly proud of him. this week marks a very important time in his career--basically, after this week, he's a certified police officer, which means that he can apply at any agency in the state and not have to go through academy again. it means that he's no longer on probation, which while not a real issue, is always a nice sigh of relief. he has chosen such a noble career...i couldn't be more proud than to be the wife of one of roger's finest. he works so hard, is making so many GOOD arrests (and by good, i mean felony arrests...), he works without complaint, and falls in love with his job more and more each day. we are blessed that he was able to get into the agency of his choice (and even more blessed that he was also hired by the state police, so he had options). this agency, the rogers police department, is truly where he is supposed to be, and he is thriving there. he has the ability to advance and if one area ever seems too stale, he has the opportunity to switch to a different area (be it school resource officer, narcotics, detective work, traffic, k9...)

plus he looks really cute in his uniform, and who's going to hate on that?

but seriously...i'm so proud that he's my partner in this, in life. he's so accepting of others it amazes me. i love it that when we talk about jonas (and future children) that whatever they desire to be "when they grow up" is, that he (and we) will support them and help them they best that we can to obtain that...be it be a doctor, a lawyer, a soldier, a tattoo artist, whatever.

so here's to john. and to jonas. and to me, just for the hell of it.

weekend wrap-up

what a whirlwind of a weekend!


i was off work because 1. everyone else in the office was off or in chicago, 2. they started painting all the cabinets in the lab, and the fumes are no good for me.

so because i was off, i made it my mission to make our house perfect for the arrival of zach, carole, and sampson. i huffed, and i puffed, and i ran errands all around nwa. i think i finally went a little crazy after i decided that the tv in their room was no good, and that they needed a better one. so i, being the rational woman i am, didn't want to wait on john to get off work, so i just moved the tv's myself. BAD IDEA. because while the 32 inch tv felt very light when i first picked it up, after about 3 steps i realized i had made a very poor decision and had to waddle/shuffle/run to the guest room to lay it down before i dropped it.

john had to work late, and didn't get off until 6:30p (he's supposed to be off by 2), so once he got home, he helped me do some finishing touches while we waited for our guests. by 9 pm, they still hadn't arrived from okc, and i had to go to bed because i had worn myself out!


on saturday, carole and i went to go get pedicures (ahh) when we found out that our husbands had purchased some guns. so in retaliation (not really :)), we went shopping at old navy and target. john bought two pretty guns, and i was more than happy that he did because it's his present for being an officially certified police man.

we had a yummy dinner at applebee's, and watched eagle eye from our netflix movies. and then i passed out.


another lazy day with our friends...we went out to the range for a couple of hours so that the boys could shoot their new guns. after lunch (and andy's ice cream!!), we came home and i took a great nap. unfortunately, i'm suffering from severe acid reflux, and that makes me sort of throw up a little in my mouth while i sleep. sexy, i know.

after i crawled out of my bed, i made myself a yummy spinach salad and had some white rice with chicken...we all sort of just had a "make do" night, so z and c had sonic, while johnny and i had rice. (i'm a BIG rice fan).


had my OB appointment today, found out that i officially passed my glucose screening, that i have gained 1 pound over the past two weeks, and scheduled my next appointment for the 16th.

and now i'm at work, exhausted. johnny and our guests are still at home, probably enjoying lunch right now. they'll leave in an hour or two to head back home...i really hope that they can move back here soon!