Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sleeping on the couch.

so last night i slept on the couch.

john and i had this HUGE fight, which included the breaking of beer bottles and a several hour stand-off.

i kid, i kid. there was no fight, or beer, but i did sleep on the sofa. because of john's new schedule, he goes to bed around 9 to wake up at 4:45 so that he can be at work by 5:45a. if this had been his shift a couple months earlier, i would have been crawling in bed with him when he was ready and waking up after him. but now, now jonas is a party monster and likes to stay up late. which means i get to stay up late, too.

so last night, john headed to bed like usual, and i stayed in the living room to watch tv until i was ready to nod off. at 11:45 when i was STILL awake, i decided to go ahead and toddle off to bed and force myself into slumber. and i failed. i tossed, i turned, i just wasn't freaking tired. so i got up and decided to go back to the living room to watch some john and kate plus 8 (sidenote, doesn't john and wendy plus infinity have a nice ring to it? ;)).

apparently, i dozed off, because this morning at 5am a very handsome (and concerned) husband came and pried my sad pregnant body off the couch and tucked me into bed.

he's a very, very good man.

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Captured Moments by Kim said...

Thank you John, for taking such good care of my little cousin Wendy! You are a good man!