Tuesday, February 24, 2009

raising my blood pressure.

there are just things, situations, and people who can really anger you without even trying.

can i get an amen?

with that being said, here's a list of my hot-spots..things that make me boil:

1. i can't play certain games with certain people. i'm competitive to a fault (which isn't an issue, because i don't mind losing). but there are certain friends and family members where particular games are off limits. because i KNOW i will get frustrated. and that's okay. i can play any other game!

2. i can sit and listen to someone saying something i don't agree with when it's not offensive or a GROSS, gross overstatement of the truth. opinions are opinions for a reason, and i'm thankful for a God that lets us have those opinions. but, once it gets offensive, once it becomes a stereotypical, blanket statement...well, my inner bitch/socialist comes out and i attack.

3. i get angry when people (over the age of 18) try to impress political views/opinions on me when they aren't even registered to vote. this is how i got my dad to register; he kept on talking about political events, and i told him straight up that his opinion doesn't matter to me (or the world) until he votes. he was registered by the end of the week. and while i know that our votes will most likely ALWAYS cancel each other out...i'm so proud that he's a voter now, and that his voice matters.

4. people who think that they are better than others simply because of their economic status really, really, really piss me off. it makes me want to take the silver spoon out of their mouth and shove it..well, up there.

5. i have pretty incredible road rage. i surprise myself even at times.

6. people who are uptight kill me. if you can't joke around about a situation then just go away.

7. i know that people think that i'm this or that, and get confused when they see a different side of me. while i'm sure it's best to ALWAYS be one certain way infront of every group of people, i'm not always the same person minute to minute. i can be a smartass when hanging out with john's friends/cops, but i'm probably going to act a little different around the ladies at church. i guess it makes me angry when people think that someone always has to act a certain way, or always has to show all their cards. that's just not me.

8. oh, and the words always and never? john knows this, but it's a no-no to use those during an arguement with me. because he doesn't always do something, and i don't ever do something. it's way too restricting and finger-pointing.

9. i can't take it when people talk to me when i'm on the phone with someone else. i just can't do it. maybe it's because i have poor hearing to begin with...but i also can't have the radio AND the tv on. i just can't focus.

10. and interruption. i can't stand it when i get interrupted, and it kills me when someone interrupts someone else. i try so hard to make sure that i listen with a sense of focus, and then interject a comment or question.

ahhh, see, that's sort of theraputic. it's nice releasing your top 10 frustrations with the world, your life, whatever. do it! :)

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