Thursday, February 5, 2009

please let it be morning sickness.

this morning i woke up when john did, and i felt horrible. my stomach was tossing and turning. while he was showering and getting ready for work, i leaned over to my nightstand and grabbed a sleeve of crackers and started to munch on them believing in the healing power of them.

on the way to work, i STILL felt bad (and this is a couple hours later) so i stopped at sonic to get a strawberry slush--something that has always had a healing ability when it comes to upset tummies.

so i drank it, and some water, and STILL felt bad. i was typing an email to a patient at my desk when i was blindsided with vomit.

so gross.

my experience with morning sickness has always been that i get sick, but then i feel pretty amazing.

yeah. i'm not feeling amazing. i just feel like i wanna throw up.

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Sadie said...

So sorry to hear you are sick! For whatever reason, getting the stomach bug was one of my biggest fears when I wes pregnant, I have no idea why. Hope its just Jonas!