Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so, i'm going to tell you a story that i just, it's like something out of a horrible lifetime movie. but it's true. and...argh.

my mom's side of the family is originally from fayetteville, but throughout the years went back and forth from here to orange county. so, i have a lot of family in california. for the guys on that side of the family, being in law enforcement is the way to go. from the lapd, la sherriffs office, and more, that's what they do.

and then there's cousin craig. he's my mom's cousin, and works with a K-9 bomb unit with the sherriff's department. pretty cool, if i say so myself. he's had a tough run with love, and every relationship he has had has ended pretty badly. but this last one takes the mother freaking cake.

so he was married to a lady named lynette. they couldn't have their own kids, so they started the process of adoption. way into the final stages, right before they are supposed to receive their child, she pulls out. says she doesn't want to be a mother, just did it to appease craig. craig is crushed because he's always wanted kids, and this was one of his last chances (he's in his mid-late 40s). they eventually seperated becaues lynette then left him.

for a woman.

which is enough to for great-great grandma hattie to roll over in her grave.

anyway, she's dating this woman, named celeste miranda. let me say that again...celeste miranda.

go ahead, i'll give you a minute to google her name.



okay. so "celeste" and lynette get into some scam work, and celeste gets arrested. she somehow convinces the court that she's a drug addict, and that the guards in her jail were touching her. so they put her in a half-way house.

which lynette promptly springs celeste from. and they begin their lives as fugitives (this is all within the past week..the fugitive part, that is). while celeste was being held in northern california, we all just assumed that they'd take the divorce settlement craig had to pay lynette (before this all came to pass) and run to mexico...where they'd probably eventually be killed or die. you know...either or.

but now i think it's suspected that they're running to canada because that's where celeste took refuge a couple years ago when she did this same thing.

i couldn't make this stuff up if i tried.

god help us all.

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