Friday, February 20, 2009

odd dog.

so, if any of you have had the pleasure of meeting our dog, zeus, then you will know that he's a...special puppy.

he's a corgi, he loves to play, he's very expressive, and is the best spooning partner at night when he is very sleepy. he hates it when i clean out his eyes everyday, and glares at the alarm clock when it goes off in the morning, because frankly, he'd rather just stay in bed all day. some days, when it's just me and him, i'll get up and go to the living room and let him sleep in...and he does. he'll finally rise from slumber around noon, only to want to eat, play, and then nap.

being a puppy is VERY hard work.

we happen to be a little corgi-crazy in our home, with a magnet on the fridge in his honor. imagine the absolute sheer happiness we felt when we found a 2009 corgi calendar on sale while we were in dallas last month. OF COURSE we bought it and couldn't help but beam with excitement when thinking of how little zeusy's face would look when he saw a whole calendar of puppies like him!!!

imagine our faces when we finally DID show him the calendar, and he cowered in fear and starting barking as he backed up quickly.

the dude is afraid of himself.

we should have seen this coming, seeing that when he would see his reflection in the mirror he'd give it the evil eye.

so now, oh, about once a day, one of us will grab the calendar from the wall and chase zeus around the house.

god bless zeus.

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