Friday, February 13, 2009

meet my belly.

this was taken this morning as i was getting ready for work. and no, it's not an optical illusion...i'm really that big.

you must be saying, by god! why is this poor girl still going to work?? she has to be due any day, and if not, atleast in the next week or two!

and that's when i laugh and tell you:

no, my friend. i still have another glorious 3 months to go! i'm not due until may
4th! how silly you are for thinking that i must be due so much sooner!!

but seriously, this is just stupid. i mean, come on. am i housing a freaking sumo wrestler in there? two nights ago, we had to go to best buy to get johnboy a new phone. while there, there was a woman who was wrangling a toddler and two school aged-children. she looked at me and asked the obligatory "when are you due" question. when i told her may 4th, she gave me the "oh my god" face and let me know that i was going to be HUGE by the end.

well, no shit, sherlock.

the sales associate tried to make me feel better by saying that looking straight on, she couldn't tell i was pregnant. but when i turned to the side, whoa!

i was really hoping that waddling would come to be my form of transportation much later in the pregnancy. i know i'm in the third trimester, but i was hoping i could hold off my penguin-like saunter until atleast mid march.

other momma's to be, or new moms, is it strange that i almost refuse to wear maternity clothes? i have 2 pair of maternity jeans that i wear, but i much prefer to wear my regular jeans...and as for tops, i have like one maternity t-shirt and a couple of tanks, but everything else that i wear is just my normal clothing...just tighter than it used to be.

oh well. it works.


aaaah!!! they sell ugly dolls at melody's choices!!!!! do you know how excited i am about this!? yay!!!


Jaye T. said...

Sorry about the waddling, I'm almost there myself since I found myself waddling a little last night. :) I'm at 26 weeks & can't image how much bigger I can get. It's not going to be pretty!!! I'm beginning to figure out that a lot of personal hygiene requirements are going to be extremely hard without help in the near future. Thank goodness I can call my sister for help with a pedicure from time to time since it's almost time for sandals!!!

Silvy said...

your belly is so cute! you take great pictures!

yea i'm pretty sure our dentist billed a fair amount ($157 for 2 surface fillings, code D2392). i'm just annoyed that our insurance pays for silver fillings when our dentist doesn't even offer them! (not that i would get them, but it should be a sign to united to get with the time). and when i called united, they only told us they cover 80% of costs failed to mention anything about only covering 80% of the silver cost.

sorry i'm done complaining for the week. if i would floss my teeth more, i wouldn't have to deal with any of this :). have a wonderful weekend!!