Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lists, lists, lists

1. we are putting together the nursery tonight. by put together, i mean that john is going to build furniture and i'm going to watch real housewives of orange county.

here's our bedding/theme for the room!

2. yesterday afternoon a man came in our office. after i asked him how i could help him, he told me that his right leg was 1.5 inches shorter than the left, and wanted to know if medicare would cover it. i told him i didn't know. he told me that surely i WOULD know, i mean, was he really the first medicare patient we've had.

i then let him know he was in a dentist office. but i did give him directions to snell prosthetics.

3. i can see where he made the mistake...prosthetics, prosthodontics...it's basically the same word. if you can't read.

4. that was mean. but seriously, he was a little rude.

5. i had to lift my stomach up yesterday to see if i had dropped any mini m&m's.

6. i had. 3, in fact. 2 red and yellow, if you were wondering.

7. i've seriously pissed off my fetus the past couple of days. he'll be lounging all nicely on one side of my body, so i'll push him over to the other. he then retaliates by playing a drum solo on my bladder.

8. i think that the only REAL things that we need for our nursery are the following:
chest of drawers
storage boxes
baby hangers

9. i am STILL super in love with my wall decorations we have thus far...the Nerdy Baby ABC Flash cards, framed. yes, U is for Uvula. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

10. i'm on the search for a pretty silver monster necklace.

11. john and i've decided that the next baby will be nicknamed "pot roast".

12. we're kidding. sort of.

13. i am proudly (and excitedly) going to be getting an IUD at my 6 week post birthin' check up. Mirena, here i come.

14. we don't want to have another baby until jonas is 4ish...that way one will be OUT of preschool whenever the next one goes in.

15. i honestly think that i look pretty good pregnant. i know that sounds really conceited, but so far, i've really only grown in my stomach (and boobs). i know that will probably change, but so far i haven't gotten any bigger in my face or back.

16. i can't wait to see what i look like/how my body does in the next pregancy. i plan on being super fit/lean by then, so hopefully it'll go smoothly.

17. that is, if there is another pregnancy. we've decided that if for some reason i have gestational diabetes during this one and if they don't go away after jonas comes, that we will adopt the next baby. i'm not going to put my life in danger just to carry a child (i know...that sounds horrible).

18. i got a pedicure on saturday. omg, i'll never go that long without one again. it was heaven. i'll probably get another one in 2 weeks.

19. i love that john is a dreamer, but that he also is a planner. we've made a plan for our family for the next few years...and i think we can do it!

20. i wore 3 inch heels today. i don't even know why i thought i could do that.


Silvy said...

love the bedding! so cute!

i am super jealous of your pedicure. i haven't had one throughout our whole pregnancy, and i miss them terribly.

hope all continues well for you and your baby!

Jasmine said...

Yeah you need some baby hangers!

I think it is funny that Connie got Isaiah some new clothes- and I thought, "Ah! Jonas will lookc cute in that! It is a t-shirt with boomboxes on it and it says "old school beats"
I swear it is the cutest thing ever!