Monday, February 9, 2009

i don't think we're in kansas anymore

1. i'm not sure about any of you, but i have a healthy respect/fear of tornadoes. and this weather that we're having lately is DEFINTELY reminding me that tornado season is quickly approaching.

2. i secretly want to be a storm chaser.

3. we put an offer on a house on friday. you know, that house that i put a picture up of during my photo post of loves and wants. you know. this awesome house.

we should be hearing something today or tomorrow about whether or not they laughed at our offer. :) if they laugh, they laugh. and we stay put. if they take it, we jump up and down. either way, we're good and satisfied.

4. i'm currently enjoying an iced white chocolate mocha from starbucks, courtesy of my mom's giftcard.

5. i really love sticky notes.

6. and on an even nerdier note (if that was possible), we have virtual sticky notes as part of the program that we use at work--and i love them.

7. i think (think being the key word) that we're going to start up on the nursery this weekend. i think.

8. it's rainy, but atleast it's warm.

9. i know that if given the chance, i would win the jackpot on both the price is right AND wheel of fortune.

10. i set off the car alarm this morning while in the car.

11. i really just want jonas to get here so i can snuggle him.

12. until then, i've been practicing on zeus--who is possibly the craziest dog on earth. i'm not kidding.

13. we eat a lot of burritos at our house.

14. and i eat a lot of split pea soup because i love peas more than any human being should.

15. i have never been more proud of a person than i am of john. i'm proud that he's mine, i'm proud that he's such a good person, i'm proud that he's chosen a job of service to others.

16. i don't think that i'm too shabby, either.

17. these shoes should be arriving today at our house. thanks, mom!

18. i know for a fact that part of my love of monsters stems from jim henson.

19. tupac really isn't dead.

20. i've always loved n.e.r.d.

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