Tuesday, February 10, 2009


have any of you seen the commercials for a lingerie store in rogers called "salome"? i hope that for your sake that they only air in rogers...because ew.

there are so many things wrong with "salome" commercials.

1. the name.

i mean, is it really sexy to name your store after the step-daughter of king herod who asked for the head of john the baptist?

not so much.

2. the actual commercials.

i get that there are lingerie stores, adult stores, everywhere. but rarely do you see an ad for them because they thrive more one...well, word of mouth.

there have only been two ads of theirs that i have been privy to: the first being a woman in atleast her upper 50s seducing her robe-clad lover (also in his upper 50s) wearing skimpy lingerie. there are fuzzy handcuffs invloved amongst other things.

in the other ad, the people of salmoe tried to reach a younger demographic. what's sexier than two (physically) dirty looking people wearing head to toe silk pajamas? oh, i know. the pony-tailed man laying on a rug before the fire whilst his woman jumps on top of him.

i realize that people of all ages have sex, and that there are so many different styles and tastes and preferences and what have you. i just really would prefer NOT to see these while i'm fighting insomnia watching "jon and kate plus 8".

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Silvy said...

hey wendy!

thanks for your message. i bet you know way more about dental insurance than me and i would love to hear any wisdom you have to share. united finally changed my medical claims, so that is over and done. however, our dental bill for fillings was over $200 more than what the dentist office estimated when we had the treatment. i even asked the billing lady at the office to call united before to check the prices, and she said that they only told her our plan covered 80% of fillings, but failed to mention that they cover 80% of silver fillings, so we had to pay the difference plus our 20%.

have you heard of dental plans like this before (james' work picks our insurance so we don't have a choice of plans)? i don't think there's anything we can do about the bill, but it annoyed me :). if that is common with dental plans, i wish our lady would've asked united more specific questions about our plan.

hope everything is going well with your little one!!