Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blog surfing

one of my favorite things involving blogs is a sport i fondly refer to as blog surfing. you can quickly go blog to blog to blog, and wind up reading about someone's life that lives thousands of miles away. i've really only done this on sites where one pregnant (or brand new momma) links her page to another, and so on.

most of the time, the stories are light and cheerful and have pictures of chubby baby cheeks and diaper showers. lovely and easy and sweet.

and then there are the families who have been hit with devestation. i've read the blog of a local brand new momma for a while now, and yesterday she linked a couple of families' blogs that could really use prayer, support, and love.

one of these families struck me with a story that starts out similar to our story. they'd been married less than a year when they found out that they were pregnant. only with them, much different than us, they found out that they were having quads. natural quads, no ivf, no fertility drugs. obviously there's became an immediate high risk pregnancy, and she went on a scheduled bed rest. one baby was lost a few weeks ago, and this past weekend they lost the rest of them.

my heart is broken for them. they're strong christians, and know that God doesn't give you more than you can handle...but they're struggling right now to see that.

its hearing things like these that reminds me that i'm being blessed with such an easy pregnancy right now. yes, i was sick the first couple of months, but it was nothing more than i could take. it was really just more inconvient and embarrassing than anything (you remember the red velvet cake incident, yes?). i've had minimal aches and pains, my weight gain has been spectacularly on track, and i'm able to do just about anything i want to (within reason). i know that there are pregnant moms right now that are struggling to get through each day, and my thoughts are with them.

i think that as women, especially those who are going to be mothers, or who already are, have to band together. there has to be some sort of common thread of love and compassion for the mommas of the world. we are all unique, with different beliefs and experiences, different soco-economical situations, various levels of education...but we should be there to lift each other up, not tear each other down.

the octuplets mom...while i think that she has some inner issues she needs to work out (but, who doesn't?), we should offer up to her love. the children that are now on this earth are here to stay--there's nothing that anyone can do about that. it's been done (whether you think it was a mistake or not). now it's time to give her love.

andrea young, who killed her five children by drowning them in the family bath tub...we need to show her love.

the mom's on wic or welfare, we need to show them love.

the unwed, teen mothers, we need to show them love.

a line from my favorite song...
"truly he taught us to love one another. his law is love and his gospel is peace"

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