Thursday, February 26, 2009

when i got dressed this morning, i sort of just threw on a dress and put my hair into a stumpy pony-tail...and dashed out the door. it was only when i got to work and caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror (to adjust said stumpy pony-tail) that i saw this looking back at me.

now seriously, who was the jackass who decided to make a maternity dress in the exact same shade of blue as violet?

oh well. off to the juicers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

that's all that needs to be said.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blog surfing

one of my favorite things involving blogs is a sport i fondly refer to as blog surfing. you can quickly go blog to blog to blog, and wind up reading about someone's life that lives thousands of miles away. i've really only done this on sites where one pregnant (or brand new momma) links her page to another, and so on.

most of the time, the stories are light and cheerful and have pictures of chubby baby cheeks and diaper showers. lovely and easy and sweet.

and then there are the families who have been hit with devestation. i've read the blog of a local brand new momma for a while now, and yesterday she linked a couple of families' blogs that could really use prayer, support, and love.

one of these families struck me with a story that starts out similar to our story. they'd been married less than a year when they found out that they were pregnant. only with them, much different than us, they found out that they were having quads. natural quads, no ivf, no fertility drugs. obviously there's became an immediate high risk pregnancy, and she went on a scheduled bed rest. one baby was lost a few weeks ago, and this past weekend they lost the rest of them.

my heart is broken for them. they're strong christians, and know that God doesn't give you more than you can handle...but they're struggling right now to see that.

its hearing things like these that reminds me that i'm being blessed with such an easy pregnancy right now. yes, i was sick the first couple of months, but it was nothing more than i could take. it was really just more inconvient and embarrassing than anything (you remember the red velvet cake incident, yes?). i've had minimal aches and pains, my weight gain has been spectacularly on track, and i'm able to do just about anything i want to (within reason). i know that there are pregnant moms right now that are struggling to get through each day, and my thoughts are with them.

i think that as women, especially those who are going to be mothers, or who already are, have to band together. there has to be some sort of common thread of love and compassion for the mommas of the world. we are all unique, with different beliefs and experiences, different soco-economical situations, various levels of education...but we should be there to lift each other up, not tear each other down.

the octuplets mom...while i think that she has some inner issues she needs to work out (but, who doesn't?), we should offer up to her love. the children that are now on this earth are here to stay--there's nothing that anyone can do about that. it's been done (whether you think it was a mistake or not). now it's time to give her love.

andrea young, who killed her five children by drowning them in the family bath tub...we need to show her love.

the mom's on wic or welfare, we need to show them love.

the unwed, teen mothers, we need to show them love.

a line from my favorite song...
"truly he taught us to love one another. his law is love and his gospel is peace"

raising my blood pressure.

there are just things, situations, and people who can really anger you without even trying.

can i get an amen?

with that being said, here's a list of my hot-spots..things that make me boil:

1. i can't play certain games with certain people. i'm competitive to a fault (which isn't an issue, because i don't mind losing). but there are certain friends and family members where particular games are off limits. because i KNOW i will get frustrated. and that's okay. i can play any other game!

2. i can sit and listen to someone saying something i don't agree with when it's not offensive or a GROSS, gross overstatement of the truth. opinions are opinions for a reason, and i'm thankful for a God that lets us have those opinions. but, once it gets offensive, once it becomes a stereotypical, blanket statement...well, my inner bitch/socialist comes out and i attack.

3. i get angry when people (over the age of 18) try to impress political views/opinions on me when they aren't even registered to vote. this is how i got my dad to register; he kept on talking about political events, and i told him straight up that his opinion doesn't matter to me (or the world) until he votes. he was registered by the end of the week. and while i know that our votes will most likely ALWAYS cancel each other out...i'm so proud that he's a voter now, and that his voice matters.

4. people who think that they are better than others simply because of their economic status really, really, really piss me off. it makes me want to take the silver spoon out of their mouth and shove it..well, up there.

5. i have pretty incredible road rage. i surprise myself even at times.

6. people who are uptight kill me. if you can't joke around about a situation then just go away.

7. i know that people think that i'm this or that, and get confused when they see a different side of me. while i'm sure it's best to ALWAYS be one certain way infront of every group of people, i'm not always the same person minute to minute. i can be a smartass when hanging out with john's friends/cops, but i'm probably going to act a little different around the ladies at church. i guess it makes me angry when people think that someone always has to act a certain way, or always has to show all their cards. that's just not me.

8. oh, and the words always and never? john knows this, but it's a no-no to use those during an arguement with me. because he doesn't always do something, and i don't ever do something. it's way too restricting and finger-pointing.

9. i can't take it when people talk to me when i'm on the phone with someone else. i just can't do it. maybe it's because i have poor hearing to begin with...but i also can't have the radio AND the tv on. i just can't focus.

10. and interruption. i can't stand it when i get interrupted, and it kills me when someone interrupts someone else. i try so hard to make sure that i listen with a sense of focus, and then interject a comment or question.

ahhh, see, that's sort of theraputic. it's nice releasing your top 10 frustrations with the world, your life, whatever. do it! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

odd dog.

so, if any of you have had the pleasure of meeting our dog, zeus, then you will know that he's a...special puppy.

he's a corgi, he loves to play, he's very expressive, and is the best spooning partner at night when he is very sleepy. he hates it when i clean out his eyes everyday, and glares at the alarm clock when it goes off in the morning, because frankly, he'd rather just stay in bed all day. some days, when it's just me and him, i'll get up and go to the living room and let him sleep in...and he does. he'll finally rise from slumber around noon, only to want to eat, play, and then nap.

being a puppy is VERY hard work.

we happen to be a little corgi-crazy in our home, with a magnet on the fridge in his honor. imagine the absolute sheer happiness we felt when we found a 2009 corgi calendar on sale while we were in dallas last month. OF COURSE we bought it and couldn't help but beam with excitement when thinking of how little zeusy's face would look when he saw a whole calendar of puppies like him!!!

imagine our faces when we finally DID show him the calendar, and he cowered in fear and starting barking as he backed up quickly.

the dude is afraid of himself.

we should have seen this coming, seeing that when he would see his reflection in the mirror he'd give it the evil eye.

so now, oh, about once a day, one of us will grab the calendar from the wall and chase zeus around the house.

god bless zeus.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


so i just got hit (again) with a huge sense of panic. i really am going to be having a kid come screaming out of me in an unpleasant and painful manor in just 10 1/2 weeks.

i'm sorry, but nope...not going to happen.

i haven't yet muttered the words "i'm done being pregnant" (even though i'm sure that they will come closer to time), but i'm not. i'm not done being pregnant because i'm sure as hell not ready for the baldest monster of all time to arrive.

frankly, i'm just a wee bit terrified.

i mean, it's times like these where i just really get pissed off at adam and eve. if they didn't eat that freaking fruit, childbirth would be all rainbows and my little ponies. probably not really, but it's nice to be able to place the blame on someone.

and in 10 1/2 weeks, there's going to be this pooping/screaming/eating pink thing in my house. and it's going to just be me and him...a battle of the wills. and he will win.

i'm surely not the only pregnant chick whose emotions range from excitement to pure terror. surely not.

i know that everything will be fine. i know that everything is going to go just as it's supposed to go. but that doesn't make it any less terrifying.

you know what's REALLY not helpful? hearing birthing horror stories. i know that women who have had children want to celebrate that bond by verbally re-telling their war stories. and if i wasn't pregnant, or THIS CLOSE TO THE WAR ITSELF, i wouldn't care. but sweet baby jesus, vacuums!? stitches!? massive blood loss!?

it's like telling someone (who in the back of their minds KNOWS it's going to suck) that the shot their going to get is going to really hurt. it makes it a lot worse, and in the process, makes them panic when it really may not be any big deal at all.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the nursery, version 1.0

so last night i broke out my whip and made john slave away, forcing him to put together the crib and changing table. while it's still "under construction", here are some photos of the nursery thus far!

from the door...there's a changing table you can't see to your left, and you can just see the rocking chair in the right corner. after we find a dresser, i'm going to paint it and the chair a creamy color. to the right of the chair is a double window, and we're going to put up red curtains.

nerdy baby abc's along the back wall...

close up of the bedding/crib...

and the rug. i just like the colors :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lists, lists, lists

1. we are putting together the nursery tonight. by put together, i mean that john is going to build furniture and i'm going to watch real housewives of orange county.

here's our bedding/theme for the room!

2. yesterday afternoon a man came in our office. after i asked him how i could help him, he told me that his right leg was 1.5 inches shorter than the left, and wanted to know if medicare would cover it. i told him i didn't know. he told me that surely i WOULD know, i mean, was he really the first medicare patient we've had.

i then let him know he was in a dentist office. but i did give him directions to snell prosthetics.

3. i can see where he made the mistake...prosthetics,'s basically the same word. if you can't read.

4. that was mean. but seriously, he was a little rude.

5. i had to lift my stomach up yesterday to see if i had dropped any mini m&m's.

6. i had. 3, in fact. 2 red and yellow, if you were wondering.

7. i've seriously pissed off my fetus the past couple of days. he'll be lounging all nicely on one side of my body, so i'll push him over to the other. he then retaliates by playing a drum solo on my bladder.

8. i think that the only REAL things that we need for our nursery are the following:
chest of drawers
storage boxes
baby hangers

9. i am STILL super in love with my wall decorations we have thus far...the Nerdy Baby ABC Flash cards, framed. yes, U is for Uvula. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

10. i'm on the search for a pretty silver monster necklace.

11. john and i've decided that the next baby will be nicknamed "pot roast".

12. we're kidding. sort of.

13. i am proudly (and excitedly) going to be getting an IUD at my 6 week post birthin' check up. Mirena, here i come.

14. we don't want to have another baby until jonas is 4ish...that way one will be OUT of preschool whenever the next one goes in.

15. i honestly think that i look pretty good pregnant. i know that sounds really conceited, but so far, i've really only grown in my stomach (and boobs). i know that will probably change, but so far i haven't gotten any bigger in my face or back.

16. i can't wait to see what i look like/how my body does in the next pregancy. i plan on being super fit/lean by then, so hopefully it'll go smoothly.

17. that is, if there is another pregnancy. we've decided that if for some reason i have gestational diabetes during this one and if they don't go away after jonas comes, that we will adopt the next baby. i'm not going to put my life in danger just to carry a child (i know...that sounds horrible).

18. i got a pedicure on saturday. omg, i'll never go that long without one again. it was heaven. i'll probably get another one in 2 weeks.

19. i love that john is a dreamer, but that he also is a planner. we've made a plan for our family for the next few years...and i think we can do it!

20. i wore 3 inch heels today. i don't even know why i thought i could do that.

Monday, February 16, 2009

sugar overload

this morning i had the pleasure of having my glucose tested.

yay. :(

it actually wasn't as bad as i had thought it may have been...but its still something i'd rather not ever experience again. i really hope that i pass my little test with flying colors so that i don't have to take the 3 hour glucose test. yuck.

i had some sage advice--choose the fruit punch over the orange soda. i'm glad that i did, because just imagining that much SUGARY orange flavoredness makes me ill.


on another sweet level, i had a beautiful valentine's day. after he got off work, we spent it munching on yummy food at pf changs and snuggling on the couch watching a movie and eating grapes.

i love my life.

ps 29 weeks as of today!

Friday, February 13, 2009

meet my belly.

this was taken this morning as i was getting ready for work. and no, it's not an optical illusion...i'm really that big.

you must be saying, by god! why is this poor girl still going to work?? she has to be due any day, and if not, atleast in the next week or two!

and that's when i laugh and tell you:

no, my friend. i still have another glorious 3 months to go! i'm not due until may
4th! how silly you are for thinking that i must be due so much sooner!!

but seriously, this is just stupid. i mean, come on. am i housing a freaking sumo wrestler in there? two nights ago, we had to go to best buy to get johnboy a new phone. while there, there was a woman who was wrangling a toddler and two school aged-children. she looked at me and asked the obligatory "when are you due" question. when i told her may 4th, she gave me the "oh my god" face and let me know that i was going to be HUGE by the end.

well, no shit, sherlock.

the sales associate tried to make me feel better by saying that looking straight on, she couldn't tell i was pregnant. but when i turned to the side, whoa!

i was really hoping that waddling would come to be my form of transportation much later in the pregnancy. i know i'm in the third trimester, but i was hoping i could hold off my penguin-like saunter until atleast mid march.

other momma's to be, or new moms, is it strange that i almost refuse to wear maternity clothes? i have 2 pair of maternity jeans that i wear, but i much prefer to wear my regular jeans...and as for tops, i have like one maternity t-shirt and a couple of tanks, but everything else that i wear is just my normal clothing...just tighter than it used to be.

oh well. it works.


aaaah!!! they sell ugly dolls at melody's choices!!!!! do you know how excited i am about this!? yay!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so, i'm going to tell you a story that i just, it's like something out of a horrible lifetime movie. but it's true. and...argh.

my mom's side of the family is originally from fayetteville, but throughout the years went back and forth from here to orange county. so, i have a lot of family in california. for the guys on that side of the family, being in law enforcement is the way to go. from the lapd, la sherriffs office, and more, that's what they do.

and then there's cousin craig. he's my mom's cousin, and works with a K-9 bomb unit with the sherriff's department. pretty cool, if i say so myself. he's had a tough run with love, and every relationship he has had has ended pretty badly. but this last one takes the mother freaking cake.

so he was married to a lady named lynette. they couldn't have their own kids, so they started the process of adoption. way into the final stages, right before they are supposed to receive their child, she pulls out. says she doesn't want to be a mother, just did it to appease craig. craig is crushed because he's always wanted kids, and this was one of his last chances (he's in his mid-late 40s). they eventually seperated becaues lynette then left him.

for a woman.

which is enough to for great-great grandma hattie to roll over in her grave.

anyway, she's dating this woman, named celeste miranda. let me say that again...celeste miranda.

go ahead, i'll give you a minute to google her name.



okay. so "celeste" and lynette get into some scam work, and celeste gets arrested. she somehow convinces the court that she's a drug addict, and that the guards in her jail were touching her. so they put her in a half-way house.

which lynette promptly springs celeste from. and they begin their lives as fugitives (this is all within the past week..the fugitive part, that is). while celeste was being held in northern california, we all just assumed that they'd take the divorce settlement craig had to pay lynette (before this all came to pass) and run to mexico...where they'd probably eventually be killed or die. you know...either or.

but now i think it's suspected that they're running to canada because that's where celeste took refuge a couple years ago when she did this same thing.

i couldn't make this stuff up if i tried.

god help us all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


have any of you seen the commercials for a lingerie store in rogers called "salome"? i hope that for your sake that they only air in rogers...because ew.

there are so many things wrong with "salome" commercials.

1. the name.

i mean, is it really sexy to name your store after the step-daughter of king herod who asked for the head of john the baptist?

not so much.

2. the actual commercials.

i get that there are lingerie stores, adult stores, everywhere. but rarely do you see an ad for them because they thrive more one...well, word of mouth.

there have only been two ads of theirs that i have been privy to: the first being a woman in atleast her upper 50s seducing her robe-clad lover (also in his upper 50s) wearing skimpy lingerie. there are fuzzy handcuffs invloved amongst other things.

in the other ad, the people of salmoe tried to reach a younger demographic. what's sexier than two (physically) dirty looking people wearing head to toe silk pajamas? oh, i know. the pony-tailed man laying on a rug before the fire whilst his woman jumps on top of him.

i realize that people of all ages have sex, and that there are so many different styles and tastes and preferences and what have you. i just really would prefer NOT to see these while i'm fighting insomnia watching "jon and kate plus 8".

Monday, February 9, 2009

i don't think we're in kansas anymore

1. i'm not sure about any of you, but i have a healthy respect/fear of tornadoes. and this weather that we're having lately is DEFINTELY reminding me that tornado season is quickly approaching.

2. i secretly want to be a storm chaser.

3. we put an offer on a house on friday. you know, that house that i put a picture up of during my photo post of loves and wants. you know. this awesome house.

we should be hearing something today or tomorrow about whether or not they laughed at our offer. :) if they laugh, they laugh. and we stay put. if they take it, we jump up and down. either way, we're good and satisfied.

4. i'm currently enjoying an iced white chocolate mocha from starbucks, courtesy of my mom's giftcard.

5. i really love sticky notes.

6. and on an even nerdier note (if that was possible), we have virtual sticky notes as part of the program that we use at work--and i love them.

7. i think (think being the key word) that we're going to start up on the nursery this weekend. i think.

8. it's rainy, but atleast it's warm.

9. i know that if given the chance, i would win the jackpot on both the price is right AND wheel of fortune.

10. i set off the car alarm this morning while in the car.

11. i really just want jonas to get here so i can snuggle him.

12. until then, i've been practicing on zeus--who is possibly the craziest dog on earth. i'm not kidding.

13. we eat a lot of burritos at our house.

14. and i eat a lot of split pea soup because i love peas more than any human being should.

15. i have never been more proud of a person than i am of john. i'm proud that he's mine, i'm proud that he's such a good person, i'm proud that he's chosen a job of service to others.

16. i don't think that i'm too shabby, either.

17. these shoes should be arriving today at our house. thanks, mom!

18. i know for a fact that part of my love of monsters stems from jim henson.

19. tupac really isn't dead.

20. i've always loved n.e.r.d.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


a strange phenomenon has occured the past two days; I now waddle.

I'm not sure exactly how or when I first noticed it, but last night we ran into a long time family friend who pointed it out to me. maybe I noticed it when I tried to wear heels Thursday for work and noticed that I suddenly couldn't walk in them without resembling a toddler in her mothers shoes. maybe it was when I, a usually fast walker, was eating johns dust in walmart. all I know is that walking, one of my last dignities, has been stripped from me, and I feel oddly naked and exposed.

john and I play a horrible game titled 'fat or pregnant'. yes. we are horrible, horrible people. but let me say's usually a very challenging game, especially if the subject in question could just be in that early poochy stage of pregnancy. I asked john if I looked pregnant and he semi-snorted.

I'll take that as a yes.

I did get a compliment the other day. one of the girls at work has a daughter a little older than me who is about 18 weeks pregnant. she came in, and after I had left told her mom that I was so cute pregnant, and that she was jealous that I didn't even need to wear make-up. that really was a great boost to my self-esteem; it's hard to feel cute when you're doubled over into a trashcan.

oh yeah, I'm just about in my third trimester. I'm never sure when that cut-off is; is it 27 or 28 weeks? I'll be 28 weeks Monday, and my appetite is massive. I guess it's only natural; the monster is supposed to be growing at an extreme rate these last weeks so it makes sense.

oh, better jet-my kettle is whistling like crazy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

putting on my detective hat

okay, i know what i'm about to say is going to sound very, very, very bad...but i think that i have found a fake blog. i'm not 100%, but things just sound SO out there, you know (not in the writing style, but in the actual story of the person writing it).

i'm digging deep on this one, mainly because i HOPE that it is fake because the story is just so sad.

more on this later.

please let it be morning sickness.

this morning i woke up when john did, and i felt horrible. my stomach was tossing and turning. while he was showering and getting ready for work, i leaned over to my nightstand and grabbed a sleeve of crackers and started to munch on them believing in the healing power of them.

on the way to work, i STILL felt bad (and this is a couple hours later) so i stopped at sonic to get a strawberry slush--something that has always had a healing ability when it comes to upset tummies.

so i drank it, and some water, and STILL felt bad. i was typing an email to a patient at my desk when i was blindsided with vomit.

so gross.

my experience with morning sickness has always been that i get sick, but then i feel pretty amazing.

yeah. i'm not feeling amazing. i just feel like i wanna throw up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 months


i just realized that in 3 months, you're going to be here---and forever change our world. is it odd that i can't remember what it's like to NOT be pregnant? i hope not...because that means i also can't remember what it's like for you to not exist.

please note that you have long, skinny legs and no ass. you can thank your father for that.

jonas, you have so many things already. the backseat of the car is STILL full of isaiah's old baby clothes, which you will soon be sporting. i guess that technically i could try to squeeze into them so that you could also enjoy wearing them now...but i think that the only thing on me that's considered 0-3 months is my right thigh. and that's iffy.

your amazing cousin kim has already started designing your birth announcements, and jonas, i'm not even kidding when i'm saying that they're too cute for words. i can't wait to address them and ship 'em out.

you are truly your father's child, because you already have your first gun. your pops already sighted in the scope, so it's ready to go once you're old enough to learn about gun safety. until then, we'll take care of it for you.

we have been really stressed lately about what we were going to do with our living situation, but we've finally decided that we're staying put in our current home atleast until the end of the summer. that way we can get the place lookin' sweet for you (starting this weekend!).

we're trying our best to make your future world as perfect as possible, and that started when we gave you up. don't get me wrong, we love you because you are ours...but you're God's first. what He says goes, and we're so happy that we just get to be the parents and caretakers for you while we can.

oh, and you're welcome for the blueberry coffee that we shared this morning. i could tell you liked it. :)

i love you, our little monster.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

dude looks like a lady

so after lunch the girls at work flocked to me to re-do the ring test on me. they are now all positive that jonas is not a jonas but a loreli, and that the penis that we have a picture of must just be the cord.

mama mia, here we go again.

sleeping on the couch.

so last night i slept on the couch.

john and i had this HUGE fight, which included the breaking of beer bottles and a several hour stand-off.

i kid, i kid. there was no fight, or beer, but i did sleep on the sofa. because of john's new schedule, he goes to bed around 9 to wake up at 4:45 so that he can be at work by 5:45a. if this had been his shift a couple months earlier, i would have been crawling in bed with him when he was ready and waking up after him. but now, now jonas is a party monster and likes to stay up late. which means i get to stay up late, too.

so last night, john headed to bed like usual, and i stayed in the living room to watch tv until i was ready to nod off. at 11:45 when i was STILL awake, i decided to go ahead and toddle off to bed and force myself into slumber. and i failed. i tossed, i turned, i just wasn't freaking tired. so i got up and decided to go back to the living room to watch some john and kate plus 8 (sidenote, doesn't john and wendy plus infinity have a nice ring to it? ;)).

apparently, i dozed off, because this morning at 5am a very handsome (and concerned) husband came and pried my sad pregnant body off the couch and tucked me into bed.

he's a very, very good man.

Monday, February 2, 2009

i just died.

the little girl i used to watch, maggie, is now 2.5 years old. and i'm not kidding when i say she is adorable. case you don't believe me, here is maggie at our wedding "dapping" john. (and yes, i taught her this as well as how to shake her booty. i'm very proud.)

so she just came by work, and immediately needed to see my "baby". i showed her ultrasound pictures i have on my computer, and she was in awe. she walked away, and all of a sudden i see her walking with both hands on her back stating


as she stuck her already chubby tummy out.

and then i died. love.

can't we all just get along?

seriously. i'm just about tired of moms (and moms-to-be) tearing down their peers about their methods, beliefs, etc.

what i'm trying to say is what works for you may not work for me. and what works for me may not work for you.

here's just a few for you to chew on:

i know a beautiful woman who has given birth to four equally beautiful children. she had her babies at home with no drugs, and it was an incredible experience. but i know that i need the pain medication, the endless ice chips, and people wearing white coats around me for me to have MY incredible experience. neither of us did childbirth the only correct way. just what was best for us.

i know that there are doctors who are very strict, who require your pregnancy weight gain to fall on the weight gain schedule just like so. and for some people, that's the perfect doctor for them. frankly, i'm glad that my doctor (atleast with me) isn't a strict guy, tells me just don't drink hair dye or smoke, and that i'm doing a great job doing what i'm doing.

i know that some women just don't get sore. their bodies don't hurt, and if they do, all they have to do is stretch a little bit and their good to go. and that's lucky AND amazing for them that it works for them. but for me, my back or sides will hurt because i'm trying to find a good way to sleep, or because i sit at a desk for 9 hours a day, and frankly, i could stretch all i want, but it's all in vain. that's unlucky for me, but i can deal.

i know that some women have must have perfect pregnancies where they're never uncomfortable, never have a bad moment, and if they do, they decide not to share them. and that's perfectly fine because that's what makes them comfortable. but when someone asks me how i'm doing, or if i have a horribly embarrassing pregnant moment (like forgetting that nebraska was a state or puking up red velvet cake in the middle of a parking lot), then i'm going to share them. and that's what makes me comfortable.

i know that there are some women who will never experience a food craving or aversion. and for that, i applaud you and am amazed. but for me, i couldn't STAND to be in the same room as red meat for the first trimester, and my body needed certain things--and told me that through cravings. a chocolate milkshake from mcdonalds is a nice treat to help my heartburn when i can't drink another glass of milk to save my life. and i have heartburn because i'm stubborn and refuse to stop eating tomato products and vinegarettes.

i know that there are some women who believe that once their child is born, that is it--their life/occupation is to be a mother. i think that's incredible for those who get to experience being a stay at home mom, and found their calling. for me, my family needs my paycheck, and i come from a long line of women who just had to work outside of the home. and that's okay, because that's what i have to do.

seriously, mothers of the world...why can't we just accept each other?