Thursday, January 1, 2009

there's no place like home...

I'm despertely wishing it was march. in march, we're talkin to our current landlords to see what the rent would be if we signed another year long lease. if it stays the same, we are staying. and if it raises, we move.

I really pray it stays the same. I love this house, and really really want to be able to start setting up the room for our monster. I also like that it's big enough that we can have peope stay over (ahem, which we wouldn't need if you all just moved back already), there's a backyard to zeus, and it's just really cool to be honest.

and jonas's room, quite frankly, is going to kick so much ass. I'm really jealous of his d├ęcor.

oh, and I've decided that when birthin' time comes, no one is staying at our house. it's fantastic if people come and visit, or hang out for a bit...but I know me, and I know I get overwhelmed when people stay at the house for more than several hours at a time when not stressed and hormonal. I can't imagine what I'm going to be like while in labor/being a brand brand new momma.

so if you love me, or john...please to home or to a hotel or a friends house or anywhere but here. we love you, but love even more the little sliver of sanity I may have at that point.

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