Friday, January 9, 2009


so, i love fridays at work. they're a special breed of day--you never know what may happen.

let's just go ahead and re-cap my day thus far.

i get to work at 8am, and remember that i'm the only one at the office until either late morning or early afternoon. not really that unusual because on friday we usually don't see any's just a time for lab work, phone calls, scheduling, book keeping, etc.

at, oh, let's say 9am, the audiologist next door comes over and asks me to help her. no sweat, i'm thinking. i can run over and help. so i lock up, and i'm just guessing that she needs me to help move something, you know...regular stuff.

nope. i'm holding some old dude's ear open while she digs around in there looking for hearing aide parts that he's lost. in his ear. his waxy, waxy ear.

after i finish there, i grab some coffee at work and bust open my secret stash of zebra cakes when the SAME DAMN GUYS who came by YESTERDAY try again TODAY to sell some freaking candles for some camp.

i look at them, and asked if i needed to make a dental appointment for them. they said nope...just want to sell candles. i told them that we STILL didn't want any candles, and then they asked if i even had a dollar i could donate.

i may have lost a little bit of my cool. and i may have told them that they can leave our building, and please to not ever try to sell anything here ever again.

after that, the bosses came in. and now, we're getting ready for some mellow mushroom yumminess.


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