Wednesday, January 7, 2009


1. spaghetti noodles and manwich sauce do not a tasty meal make.

2. when this is your best option for dinner, you know it's time to go to the store.

3. i've been wearing my glasses non-stop since i got them.

4. until today when i ran out the door. and now i'm blind.

5. i need to make phone calls to friends today.

6. that is, unless my head falls off again today and i forget.

7. im really craving ritz crackers with a cream cheese/spicy peach jelly spread.

8. i've only had said cracker combination once, about a month ago. it changed my life.

9. i'm really gassy today.

10. sorry, i know. tmi. get over it.

11. i woke up to a growling puppy.

12. said puppy is still a pervert and watches way too intently when i change clothes in front of him. he only does this to me.

13. my hair is brown.

14. i'm debating wearing my extentions for carole's wedding. if i do, i'm just going to pop them in, and maybe do a simple side braid thing. and maybe add a headband.

15. i may later do this (like tonight) and take pictures. maybe you can tell me if i look like a tool bag or not.

16. sometimes, i forget i'm pregnant, and just think my belly is really fat.

17. and then the acid comes to my throat, and i remember. oh, i remember.

18. john had an amazing time this weekend at the bachelor party.

19. i ate soup this weekend.

20. is it nap time yet?

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