Wednesday, January 21, 2009

operation social butterfly in the works

yes, you've read right. john and i, for our "new years resolution" (even though we both think that they're full of crap), have decided to make a pointed effort to be more social.

on monday night we had dinner with our wedding photographers (because they're AWESOME people) at buffalo wild wings (my choice!!! yum!!!!) and had a great time. and of course, we had a super social butterfly weekend in dallas. starting this weekend, john is working days, so that makes it so much easier for us to do things with other people together since he's free any night opposed to only being free monday and tuesday nights.

we've got things to schedule with people and i'm completely excited.

on the house hunt--we've found another house that we really like. we're hoping it's "do-able" with all parties involved. and we're hoping that we can get it for a good bit lower than what it's listed at because 1. there's some old water damage, 2. the guy who owns it is in prison for a very long time.

the things you learn from google.

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