Thursday, January 22, 2009

of food and men

now, let's just be honest. let's get real. i'm about to make a confession.

i'm not a great cook.

while not a surprise to the most of you (because i'll gladly skirt any chance to bring food to an event), it feels better to come clean about it. now, i'm not a bad cook. at all. actually, i can make a lot of things from scratch (no recipe!!) which is a huge feat.

john and i recently talked about eating right, healthy, and what that meant for us. so we implented a sort of rule; when shopping at wal-mart for groceries, we only shop along the perimeter. we're allowed to go in the inner aisles for things like cereal, peanut butter, soup...things like that. but we skip aisles with things like zebra cakes, sprites, and nutella.

so last night was my first time doing this. we're on a tight budget since we've paid all our bills and a trip to dallas with our last paychecks. but we also needed to basically re-stock our food supply because we had nothing. so i bought things that were off brands unless it was something really important to me (like buying brown, cage free organic eggs) or important to john (raisin bran). i had a huge cart of food, and started to worry a little bit about the total. it was only $80! that may seem like a lot...but it was so much food--enough to last us until the next pay day (not including re-stocking on things like milk, eggs, and ground turkey).

i also browned all of the turkey last night (some for tacos and some for pasta in the next few days) and made tuna salad for tonight's dinner.

and because i love you all, and i'm feeling very pioneer womanish right now i'm my great culinary achievements, i'm giving you, yes you!! my grandma sue's recipe for what i like to think of as "poor white people tacos".

1 lb of ground turkey (or beef...john and i just don't really do red meat)
1 can of pork n beans
chopped white onion
diced tomato
shredded cheese of your choice
flour tortillas or hard taco shells (your choice!)
sour cream

i know that reading over the list of exquisite ingredients, you're wondering why the hell we use pork n beans in this. the answer is i'm not sure...but it makes it tasty.

we brown one pound of meat, drain it, and then add the can of pork n beans. it's a 1:1 if you use 2 pounds (like we usually do), then 2 cans of pork n beans, etc.

we keep it classy.

then you just pick out your vessel (flour tortilla for me!) and load up what you want on it.

like i said....i like to think of these as "poor white people tacos". it's tasty, tastes nothing like a real taco/burrito, and just has enough trashiness in the pork n beans to make it delicious.

i'm serious. this is one of john's favorite meals. it's his "birthday dinner" at grandma's house every year.

who needs culinary school when you have me to teach you? no one, my friends.

eat your heart out, paula deen.

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