Monday, January 19, 2009

the monster still liveth

on friday before our trek to the state of all that can fit in a pick-up truck, we had our monthly pre-natal appointment for jonas.

at this appointment, i was actually scared because i had gained weight since the last one. 6 pounds, at that. that puts me now equal to what i was when i found out i was pregnant at the end of august...and 6 pounds in one month is a lot. so i was afraid that our doctor was going to be mad or stern.

he did make a "wow!" noise whenever he saw the gain, and i immediately said "about that..." and explained the poop (or extreme, extreme lack there of) issue. he said that would completely have an effect on the sudden weight gain (because i'm carrying around more than my fair share of yuckies) and told me exactly what to do to make myself feel just right as rain again.

we did the whole blood pressure thing, and it was good and safely low as usual, and his heartbeat was strong as usual. we scheduled the glucose screening (yay :(. ) and the next pre-natal appointment (yay!) for february. i can't believe that i'm 6 months pregnant...frankly, it's terrifying.

and i think that's about it. our little monster isn't so little anymore.

we're getting ready to purchase his first couple pairs of chucks--the essential for any boy living at our house.

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